Real Life Experience of a Vaccine Reaction

In response to an article in The Scotsman, April 25, 2006

"From the day he got MMR, he more or less went into a coma," Mr Files said.
"He doesn't want to play with anyone, he doesn't want to talk to anyone."

Mr Files said they noticed a change in Geoffrey straight after he was
vaccinated. He suffered ear infections and had to take a lot of antibiotics.
"Before the jab, he was starting to feed himself. Now he has to be watched
to make sure he is eating. He has gone backwards," he said."

BL Fisher Note:

Once again, the real life experience of parents, who watch their children
regress after vaccination, trumps the denials of doctors that it is all just
a "coincidence" when healthy children become chronically ill and disabled
after vaccination.

It is not surprising that well educated upper and middle class families
are making independent vaccination choices for their children. When health
care consumers become informed about a medical intervention that carries a
risk of injury or death, such as vaccination, they are more likely to engage
in informed decision making rather than blindly trust the "experts." An
enlightened society is one which allows all citizens, regardless of economic
status, to become fully informed about all risks associated with a medical
intervention and make educated, voluntary decisions about which risks they
are willing to take with their own health or the health of their children.

The medical "experts" are not infallible and they are not immune from the
desire for power, money and fame. There is every reason to question their
reasoning and their motives when they refuse to acknowledge or deal with
vaccine complications leading to permanent brain and immune system
dysfunction in some children. The failure to value the life of each
individual child by writing off some children as expendable in service to
the rest, is at the root of much of the distrust educated parents have for
the mass vaccination system and those who operate it.

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Rei said...


I've come across your blog and also live in Northern Virginia. I am having trouble finding a pediatrician for my son that will support my decision to delay certain vaccinations. The last one we went to suggested that we get him caught up with 9 months worth of shots in one visit! I'm in desperate need to find someone soon as I'm interested in vaccinating against DTaP and Polio -- the ones I know are life threatening. Thanks!