Holy Grail for Boosting Infant Immunity

In response to an article in Science Daily.

"We've stumbled across a molecular holy grail in newborn immunology," said
lead author Dr. Ofer Levy, a principal investigator of the Division of
Infectious Diseases at Children's Hospital in Boston. Science Daily

BL Fisher Note:
This is not the first time that the phrase "Holy Grail" has been invoked by
M.D./Ph.D. researchers creating experimental vaccines to be given at birth.
In the early 1990's, government vaccine researchers held a press conference
in Washington, D.C. and described a "supervaccine" they referred to as the
"Holy Grail." That vaccine contained raw DNA from several dozen viruses,
bacteria and parasites that would be squirted into the mouths of babies at
the moment of birth and be time released in their bodies.

Historically, the "Holy Grail" is considered to be the cup from which
Christ drank at the Last Supper and the one used to catch his blood after he
was crucified and removed from the cross. In the Catholic Church, it is
symbolic of the chalice used in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

It is highly inappropriate, but perhaps not surprising, for scientists to
elevate themselves to a position which implies infallibility and compare
their lab creations to sacraments. As the late, great Robert Mendelsohn,
M.D., pointed out "Vaccination has become the new sacrament." The use of
religious symbolism makes it easier for those, who believe they have the
right to interrupt the natural evolutionary process and tinker with the
biological integrity of the human immune system, to persuade people to risk
children's lives with experimental vaccines.

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Anonymous said...

Although some may use that phrase as you suggest, it is important not to generalize and to keep in mind that there are responsible researchers who use the phrase simply to mean something significant and hidden that we are all looking for. The way the knights searched for the holy grail.