Drug Industry Conspires With Top Officials

The Public Citizen's May 4, 2006 report, Willful Misconduct: How Bill Frist and the Drug Lobby Covertly Bagged a Liability Shield, details how top drug company and U.S. public health and justice officials colluded with each other and a few members of Congress to shield the pharmaceutical industry from liability.

The report confirms the public warning of the National Vaccine Information Center,
Liability Shield Given to Pharma and the Oct. 19, 2005 press release - Congress Set to Pass Law Eliminating Liability for Vaccine Injuries and the Nov. 15, 2005 press release - Congress Set To Bail Out Big Pharma in Secret.

NVIC's early alarm stimulated national press coverage of the upcoming dirty deal but was not enough to stop the deal from being done. The winners? Drug company executives, their stockholders and politicians who take drug money to stay in office. The losers? The American people, who will suffer the consequences when the unelected Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services declares an "emergency" and the state militia is called out to force experimental vaccines and drugs upon citizen, who will have no legal recourse when they are harmed.

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