In response to the licensing of the new HPV vaccine and an article from The Washington Post, May 17, 2006
FDA: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Safe
Gardasil Prevents Four Types of HPV

BL Fisher Note:
Gardasil, the heavily promoted cervical cancer and genital wart vaccine
that Merck, the CDC and AAP want to mandate for all 11 and 12 year old
girls, will not only increase the risk of cervical cancer for some of
adolescent girls but can also make them susceptible to infection from the
multiple other strains of HPV. In addition, five women who got the vaccine
around time of conception gave birth to babies with birth defects.

With American babies now getting 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age six,
profit-hungry drug companies and power-hungry federal health officials are
targeting adolescents for new vaccine consumption. During a time when
adolescents are undergoing hormonal changes and accelerated growth, they are
being subjected to increased atypical manipulation of the immune system with
viral and bacterial vaccines including DTaP, meningococcal, flu, hepatitis B
and now a genital wart and cervical cancer vaccine.

In this national experiment on our teenagers, will anybody be studying
onset of chronic disease and disability in adolescents post vaccination? Or
will predictable increases in brain and immune system dysfunction such as
onset of new allergies, asthma, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis,
rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid disease,
chronic fatigue, depression, and yes, cancer, be written off as unassociated
with vaccination?

Injecting adolescent girls with any vaccine that could increase their
chance of getting cancer without their voluntary, informed consent and the
consent of their parents is immoral. All attempts to mandate Gardasil for
school entry should be opposed as a violation of human rights, including the
right to life.

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