Americans Are Sicker Than British

In response to an article in the Washington Post, May 2, 2006
Study Shows Americans Sicker Than the English

The news that Americans are twice as sick as the British is not a mystery. The British do not force every citizen to get multiple doses of vaccines from cradle to the grave, setting them up for immune mediated inflammation that leads to chronic neurological and autoimmune dysfunction. The use of a few vaccines in Britain has been voluntary. Use of multiple vaccines in the U.S. has been compulsory.

For half a century, U.S. health officials, doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been pushing more and more expensive vaccines and drugs on children and adults. They have promised increased vaccine and drug use will keep us healthy. Instead too many Americans have become the walking wounded.

A serious investigation into the incidence of chronic disease and disability in highly vaccinated, lesser vaccinated and completely unvaccinated individuals is long overdue.

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