Autsim Link to MMR Reconfirmed

In response to an article in The Telegraph, United Kingdom, May 28, 2006
US Scientists Back Autism Link to MMR

BL Fisher Note:

In 1997, Andrew Wakefield, M.D., presented evidence at the National Vaccine Information Center's First International Public Conference on Vaccination that live MMR vaccine can induce a persistent measles virus infection in vulnerable children leading to intestinal bowel disorders and brain dysfunction, including autistic behaviors. Since then, Dr. Wakefield has been viciously attacked for his research to develop therapies to heal MMR vaccine injured children by British and U.S. government health officials as well as medical journals whose authors receive government and pharmaceutical industry money.

Withstanding both professional and personal losses to pursue the truth about MMR vaccine and autism, Andrew Wakefield courageously refused to be intimidated by the bully boys operating the Vaccine Machine. He stayed the course and now his work is being independently replicated and validated by other researchers. They, too, are risking personal and professional loss to do this research.

Truth in science is very difficult to achieve these days when government health agencies and drug companies in control of most of the research dollars choose to protect their reputation and profits rather than protect the lives of innocent children. But no matter how long it takes, the truth does prevail in the end.

The whole truth about vaccine risks is just beginning to be told.


Mairéad said...

Thank goodness for doctors like
Dr. Wakefield for blowing the
whistle on a vaccine that damages
some children i.e. triggers autism
and bowel disease.

There has also been a big increase
in children being diagnosed with
Crohn's disease under the age of
18 since the MMR VACCINE was introduced in the UK and the Rep.
of Ireland in 1988.

Anonymous said...

altho there is alot of talk about mmr causing autsim i have to say as a mother of 4 young children i find it all hard on what to belive and what not . my eldest 3 children have all had the mmr my younget daughter has not but she is etremly autsic and gos to a speacil needs school. and was digonsed at the age of 4 and is now 6 and is hard work so it is not always the mmr.