More Required Vaccines and Bogus Whooping Cough Cases

"While there are a few exceptions, students who begin school without this [Tdap] vaccination will have two weeks from September 1 to get it or, legally, the schools will be obligated to exclude them from attending school, according to Claire Pospisil, spokesperson for the New York State Department of Health.....The reason for the new vaccine is simple: to protect the health of children and adults, Pospisil said. "We have had a widespread outbreak of pertussis or whooping cough in New York State throughout the previous year, 2006, and because of this, there will be a protective benefit against whooping cough if people are vaccinated," she explained....."The drug manufacturers have just approved a pertussis [vaccine] for adults," she noted....But according to Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a holistic pediatrician at the Northport Wellness Center, the new immunization requirement, especially for pertussis, may be a bit premature...."I don't think true due diligence has been done to evaluate the potential neurological complications in children above seven years old who are given this vaccine"....According to Dr. Alan Sherr, chiropractor and director at the Northport Wellness Center, individuals who have not received any vaccinations may have a natural immunity to a particular virus. However, the case may be different for those who already have participated in routine vaccinations since infancy." - Michelle Gabrielle Centamore, Suffolk Life (August 22, 2007)

"A reported boom in U.S. whooping cough cases is now being questioned after health officials discovered a regularly used lab test misdiagnosed cases in suspected outbreaks in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Tennessee. The false test results led thousands of people to take antibiotics unnecessarily and even caused a New Hampshire hospital to limit the number of patients admitted since hospital workers were thought to be infected....Government health officials say cases have tripled in the United States since 2001, with nearly 26,000 cases reported in 2005. Nearly half of those cases were diagnosed with the testing method now called into question, and that has raised doubts about the true number of cases......"It's been a roller coaster. Whoa, look at this big outbreak! Whoa, it wasn't really pertussis!" said Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of Vanderbilt University's department of preventive medicine." - Mike Stobbe, Associated Press (August 23, 2007)

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

When public health authorities choose to scare us by hyping the dangers of infectious disease, like whooping cough (pertussis), the least we can expect is that they have gotten their scientific facts straight. The Keystone Cops act is not very reassuring: "Whoa, look at this big outbreak! Whoa, it wasn't really pertussis!".

For the last several years, public health officials have been beating the drums, warning us that whooping cough is on the rise despite a more than 95 percent uptake of pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine by all children entering kindergarten, who are required by most states to have 3-5 doses of DTaP (diphtheria- tetanus-acellular pertussis) vaccine before they can attend school. The CDC's solution has been to recommend yet another dose of pertussis vaccine via a booster Tdap shot for all 11-12 year old children. New York and other state health officials are in the process of persuading politicians to add Tdap to state mandatory vaccination laws. That "more is better" solution, say federal health officials, will finally stamp out whooping cough.

But now, we find out that many of the whooping cough cases reported in the "outbreaks" around the country, such as in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Tennessee, were bogus cases because some "speedy" lab tests to confirm whooping cough give a false positive the majority of the time. So the reported tripling of whooping cough cases in the past five years may be a total fabrication and the push for children to get another booster dose of Tdap at 11-12 years old may not make any difference at all.

There are other infectious organisms, such as parapertussis, which cause respiratory disease that can mimic whooping cough and they are not covered in the Tdap vaccine. Lab diagnosis is critical to accurately confirming and treating whooping cough and it is unfortunate that it has taken so long to uncover the ineffectiveness of the lab test used to confirm many suspected whooping cough cases today.

But more importantly, the rush by federal health officials to add yet another booster dose of vaccine without carefully investigating why whooping cough is apparently occurring in a highly vaccinated child population does not inspire confidence in the evidence with which the CDC supports vaccine recommendations. Assumptions are a poor replacement for scientific evidence.
Equally concerning is the lack of scientific evidence supporting the safety of giving children entering puberty multiple vaccines, such as Tdap, meningococcal, HPV and chicken pox vaccine and others without long term studies evaluating the impact of pre-adolescent vaccination on brain and immune function. Today, the CDC recommends that, by age 11, children should have received 53-56 doses of 15 or 16 vaccines depending upon if the child is a boy or girl. Where are the safety studies that demonstrate this much vaccination leads to greater long term good health?

America's highly vaccinated children are in the midst of a chronic disease and disability epidemic, with millions of them suffering with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, asthma, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disorder, severe food allergies and other kinds of brain and immune dysfunction that affected far fewer children in the past when far fewer vaccines were given to them. The last thing our sick children need now is one more vaccine.


Dana Shapter said...

I believe my son has long term effects from the pertussis vaccine. Who tracked all these kids who had milder reactions? How does anyone know that these vaccines don't "cause" add/addhd or behavior disorders or bi-polar disorder? I can't find any information on it. Just as some are allergic to cats, penicillan etc..some may be allergic to these vaccines and causeing long term consequences.

Nicki from North Carolina said...

I also believe my 9 year old daughter is suffering from effects of having her DTaP shots as a baby. When she was given the series around age 2, she had an immediate reaction of pain at the injection site, screaming, then lethargy, fever, and she could not walk for about 24 hours. We were terrified. She appears "fine" now, but I am seeing odd behavioral changes in her that began approximately 2 years ago. I am just livid at the system, and I feel an extreme level of guilt for not being educated about vaccinations back when she was a baby. My only solace is prayer.

Anonymous said...

I am 32 years old, and I was just informed that I am due for my tetanus shot, but I noticed on the form that it was called a DTaP shot, so I asked what it was and the nurse and doctor didn't really explain. I left the Dr.'s office without getting the shot, because I wanted to research it first. Even though I am not a child or baby, I am afraid of these vaccines that seem to be pushed upon us out of fear. When I actually read into the diseases that I am supposedly guarding myself against, it doesn't seem worth the risk at all. I unfortunately believe that the shots are intentionally made to sicken and weaken the population. I am truly saddened by any parent that unknowingly subjected their children to these dangerous vaccines and then have reacted badly to them, even developing life long disorders.

Beth Scully said...

Just last week, my baby girl had a serious life threatening reaction to the DTaP immunization. We just got home from the hospital today. She is only 2 months old, and has so many follow-up appointments with various specialists to determine any long-term problems. I thought I was doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

My 17 year old is now required to receive the dtap before resuming her senior year- she recently had another vaccine unbeknowest to me that it could cause serious health issues- it resulted in her having seziures, episodes of passing out and temporary blindness while at work- i attribute this to it's high mercury content all of which i discovered after the fact- I will not allow this vaccine to occur- i have every intention to fight to the fullest extent of the law to not suffer my child more serious side effects of these vaccines- I am currently looking up wi state laws as they are on the books to date, and will utilize whatever waiver i need to to protect her health- if it means no public school for a time, she will then study at home to complete her degree. end of story.
sincerely- mother taking a strong stand

Karen V. said...

I'm a neonatal ICU nurse who has been labeled by my non-medical friends as a germaphobic for my always present concern about the transmission of diseases and specially for my 2 month old baby. However, since my 9 year old boy has learning disabilities I'm afraid of anything that may affect my new baby boy, such as autism. I talked to my pediatrician who was hand picked from a large number of very good pediatricians I've met in the past 3 years in this prestigious hospital in Los Angeles. I discussed with her my concerns about vaccines and we both decided we were going to give the vaccines as recommended. The day of the vaccine he had a very mild cough and it was decided it was mild enough and otherwise he was doing great that he could get the shots and so he got his 2 months immunizations.. Well, 2 weeks later I was rushing him to the hospital with this horrible cough that was making him turn blue as he simply could not breathe as the cough was so intense. That night at the E.R I thought he was going to die, he was so exhausted he was giving up coughing and passing out on my arms. Eventough I had all the experience needed to get him back, I wept, I was scared to death as the doctors told me, this is a classic whooping cough, it's going to get worse before it gets better and will last 6 weeks. I didn't think my 2 month old baby could make it. Where did he get it?? From his 9 year old brother, most likely, who had a cough that didn't sound like whooping as it is in many cases in older children and so we didn't know and besides he had been it turns out the immunity probably wore off...hence the 10-11 years old immunization boost recommendation. All I can say is, I'm afraid of immunizations but I'm scared to death of whooping cough. We are still in the hospital 2 weeks later as he still presents with scary blue spells at night. Pertussis was confirmed by PCR and culture. I recommend people take a serious look at the effects of not getting immunizations. My baby got the disease before the vaccination, but had he not gotten the vaccine and he gotten the disease I would be suffering, on top of everything else, of guilt. Also, this is an acellular vaccine and the fact that he got the vaccine after he got the disease didn't make it worse for him. Karen V.

Anonymous said...

I'm here in nyc,and once AGAIN,the bd of ed changed their immunization requitements.
They now require this Tdap.
My question and aggravation are both simple and logical,but of course to the beauracracy that also has the power to charge YOU with neglect,logic +facts will never be in their offices and files.
One child in here was fully immunised with DTap by 2004.
According to the CDC and vaccine manufacturer,"immunity" lasts for 7-10 years.
1.what's the difference between these 2 vaccines BEYOND age appropriateness ? child vs adolescent ? diptheria,tetanus and pertussis are all covered .
2.IF immunity is supposed to last 7-10 years...why is she required to get another vaccination ?

Think anyone can follow the logic or even wants to ?

JohnP said...

295,000 babies die each year from an easily preventable disease (pertussis). New outbreaks are occuring in California due to vacine scares. Babies will die. vacinate you children.

Angela said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have just had our first baby (a boy), and we are under pressure by our doctors to immunise him with all the usual vaccines. However, from what we have researched, we will not be allowing them to give him one immunisation. For although the government statistics claim them to be very safe, these figures have all been distorted by the pharmaceutical companies who are only interested in making people sick and dependant on their poisonous concoctions, in order to make their billions of dollars. Wake up mums and dads, if these vaccines are so successful, why are they more and more on the rise? Answer: because they do not treat the cause, but only the symptom. Prevention is always better than cure. But sadly, vaccines and pharmaceuticals do neither. Go natural, allow mothers milk to give your babies immune system to give it the protection it needs.

Eowyn's Heir said...

can those vaccinated w TDaP give pertissis to others?

Mike said...

About natural immunization by mother's milk: i have heard from some well informed citizen that this is one of the few diseases mother's milk often doesn't protect against. Probably because it's a bacteria, not a virus! (bacteria live on their own, virusses do not). Immunity for bacteria is just not confered as well as immunity for virusus (opinion, not fact). Anyway, i have seen enough comments from people who got pertussis despite being vacinated (parapertussis?!), and have seen enough people testifying against vaccinations, that i decided the safe thing to do is to protect my child from the vaccination, as i deem it the greater harm. (there has NEVER been a double blind study on long term effectiveness versus unvaccinated of any vaccin!). In fact many unvaccinated populations are heathier. Mercury and formaldehyde are simply put toxins, poisons in whatever concentration they are bad for you. A dutch reseach showed some children are UNABLE to excrete toxins, while most can excrete though hair and skin. The result is that vaccination has unpredictable results. A thousand might be fine, but a few will have neurological damage. unfortunately pharmaceuticals are driven by profit, not by science, and it's legal to trow 9 researches in the garbagebin if only one shows no danger and some effect (the nine showing side-effects and no benefit!!!). Just remember when browsing information: the information coming from ordinary people NOT prone to profit monitarily from their comments or time spent writing blogs are prone to contain less biased info. One last thing: is seems the first 2 vaccinations do not protect yet. and from what i read it's unwise vaccinating older siblings or yourself while having a baby upto 8-10 month around. (vaccinate before getting pregnant, or siblings before baby's born). I KNOW it's said to be a-cellular, but i have read enough coincidences of just vaccinated people getting it anyway that suggest vaccination could possibly cause some form of being more susceptible for a while to catch a mild form. And do not forget parapertussis might well be on the rise, it's basically the mutated form that is near identical, but has mutated so vaccination no longer helps against it. Where i live they can't even test for it, so who knows how rampant that one is, and it's milder so easily misdiagnosed. Personally i think the best way to protect against communicable diseases is information: statistics should be available to everyone on how many cases in every city and what time to recovery, or adverse outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Hi there iam having my first child though iam still prego 32 weeks and I do not know if it is very wise for me to get a tdap shot or not IV read all the crazy stories about getting it and how harmfull it may be to an unborn child if I get it iam afraid my young one wont be protected or in the long run have some head issues I look at my sisters kids after being vaccinated one to many times and they do some pretty crazy stuff that's a bit strange and unusual for kids their age so iam guessing I shouldn't get one but wat do u people think??

Anonymous said...

Hey there its me again I still think its a bad idea to get a vaccine while u are prego and incourage u others to not get it but I'm afraid if I tell the hospital I don't want one they might force it upon me to get one I'm really confused..