Doctors of Scientism: "No Cure for Autism"

There's no cure for autism, and many parents are willing to believe anything if they come to think it could help their child." Mulick chaired a symposium on "Outrageous Developmental Disabilities Treatments" Aug. 20 in San Francisco at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association. The symposium included presentations by several of Mulick's students at Ohio State who participated in a graduate seminar on fad treatments in autism.....Some of the newer, more popular fad treatments for autism involve special diets or nutritional supplements. Megadoses of Vitamins C and B6 are popular, as well as supplements with fatty acids like omega-3s. A casein and/or gluten-free diet, which involves eliminating dairy and wheat products, has also gained favor with some parents. While many of these treatments have never been adequately studied, that doesn't mean they aren't promoted....Autism, like many conditions, has cycles in which symptoms get worse and then get better. Parents tend to search for treatments when symptoms are getting worse, and when their children get better - as they do in the normal course of disease - parents credit the new therapy. "It's natural to have this bias that the therapy you're trying has had some positive effect," he said. "People want to believe." - Science Daily, August 20, 2007

"An Associated Press review of records in Minnesota found that a doctor and a pharmacist on the eight-member state panel simultaneously got big checks - more than $350,000 to one - from pharmaceutical companies for speaking about their products. The two members said the money did not influence their work on the panel, and the lack of recorded votes in meeting minutes makes it difficult to track any link between the payments and policy. But ethical experts said the Minnesota data raise questions about the possibility of similar financial ties between the pharmaceutical industry and advisers in other states."In the absence of disclosure laws, there's certainly no way to know," said Jack Hoadley, a research professor specializing in Medicaid at Georgetown University in Washington. "There are a lot of physicians in general who have at least some contract or grant funding out of pharmaceutical companies, and additional (who) do speaking engagements." - Martiga Lohn, Associated Press (August 21, 2007)

"Direct-to-parent marketing of ADHD drugs - - most of which are stimulants -- has grown pervasive over the last few years, despite a United Nations treaty banning most of it. Use of such medications increased by more than 60% from 2001 to 2005, according to the International Narcotics Control Board. This month's homemaker-targeted magazines, such as Family Circle, Woman's Day and Redbook, feature advertising spreads for Vyvanse, Shire US Inc.'s new entry in the growing stable of ADHD medications...... Children in the U.S. are 10 times more likely to take a stimulant medication for ADHD than are kids in Europe. In fairness, children in Europe are also somewhat less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD because of a stricter set of criteria. But that doesn't nearly account for the difference in prescription rates. The U.S., the only nation to violate the U.N. treaty, consumes about 85% of the stimulants manufactured for ADHD...." - Karin Klein, Los Angeles Times (August 20, 2007)

"State laws requiring proof of vaccination at early school entry are key to the U.S. vaccination program and help ensure that no child is unvaccinated," the [MMWR] editorial concludes. "Higher percentages of children are up to date at kindergarten entry than at younger ages, suggesting that early school-entry laws help maintain high coverage and ensure completion of the vaccine doses recommended for children by ages 4-6 years." - Laurie Barclay, M.D., Medscape, August 17, 2007

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

"There is no cure for autism" says pediatric psychologist James Mulick at a recent American Psychological Association (APA) conference where his Ohio State University grad students criticized parents of autistic children, who maintain their children's autism involves neuroimmune dysfunction that is treatable with nutrition and immune modulating therapies. It appears that some psychologists are afraid they will lose a good chunk of their business if they can't keep autistic children in chemical and behavior modification chains and out of the offices of enlightened health care professionals successfully treating autism another way.

Mulick is a proponent of the old and very expensive, long term Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) therapy performed by child psychologists on mentally retarded and autistic individuals, many times with simultaneous use of prescription drugs. Although this kind of intervention may work for some autistic children and parents, it is by no means the be-all and end-all of treatment for children who have experienced regressive autism.

How sad that doctors in teaching positions at major universities, such as Ohio State University, are instructing their young students to belittle parents, who search for non-toxic nutrition and supplement therapies to lessen their children's brain and immune system dysfunction. These Bettleheim wanna-bes cannot resist setting themselves up as high priests in the new Church of Scientism, where they preach a dogma that requires the promotion of pharmaceutical products and medical interventions sanctioned by the church they have created.

The high priests of Scientism feel threatened when they cannot convert those who refuse to believe and obey. Thus, the demonization of the unbelievers and a search for appropriate punishment begins. In this case, perhaps the idea that parents, who provide their autistic children with gluten and casein free food, should be legally prosecuted for "child medical abuse." This would allow the children to be made wards of the State so that doctors employed by the State could force them to drink cow's milk instead of soy milk, eat white bread instead of rice, take Ritalin instead of vitamin B and be subjected to extreme "behavior modification" techniques that would make a Marine beg for mercy. Our grandmothers may have given us an apple and a spoonful of cod liver oil every day to keep the doctor away, but the high priests of Scientism are going to make sure that vitamin and omega 3 supplements are branded "dangerous" so they can keep conning politicians into legally requiring babies to be injected with mercury and aluminum while convincing themselves that a little Prozac never hurt a toddler.

What really makes the Scientism devotees angry is that autism is not about bad mothering, as the late, great Bernie Rimland, Ph.D. demonstrated. It is not about "bad genes" as the parent bashing pediatric psychologists tell their students at Ohio State University. No, autism is mostly about loving parents allowing their perfectly normal, healthy babies to be subjected to 48 doses of 14 viral and bacterial vaccines at the hands of clueless pediatricians and then watching in horror as their babies regress into a spectrum of chronic brain and immune system dysfunction that finally ends with a diagnosis of "autism." And when enlightened health care professionals, who refuse to subscribe to the "incurable autism" myth, work with parents to provide healing nutritional and other natural therapies that lessen or sometimes totally eliminate the children's vaccine-induced brain and immune system dysfunction, the apostles of Scientism are both jealous and worried they will lose paying customers.

Too many doctors of medicine have made a Faustian bargain with the pharmaceutical industry. And slowly, the people are figuring out that medical science has been hijacked by ideologues, who pretend to love "scientific truth" but love power and money more.

Abraham Lincoln said "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." It is time to take back our lives from drug and vaccine pushing doctors who worship at the alter of Scientism and exploit the people for power and profit.


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Dr. Catrin Hasson said...

9-5-07 - BBC reports
MMR overdose given to 93 pupils
Pupils at three Birmingham schools have been given an overdose of the MMR vaccine, health chiefs have confirmed.
Ninety-three children at the Holyhead School in Handsworth, Aston Manor School and King Edward III School, both in Aston, were affected.

They were given the vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella after receiving the recommended two doses.

The Heart of Birmingham Primary Care Trust said it had written to parents and the dosage would not be harmful.

Third dosage

During April and May the PCT offered doses pupils who had missed the second dose of the vaccine.

It has since emerged that some 14 and 15-year-olds signed up for a third dosage by accident.

A spokesman for the PCT said: "On checking our records, it appeared that 93 of those whose parents took up the invitation had already received their second vaccine.

"We have written to the parents of those children as it is right that they should be made aware of this - and we can assure them that the additional immunisation does not pose any risk to their child."

Jenny W said...

I am THRILLED to have found this blog! I am the mother of a 10 year old autistic daughter and have chosen a holistic approach to treating her; she's amazingly high functioning, attends a public school and continues to develop almost "normally". She had seizures as a baby and for this reason we were skeptical about vaccinating our younger daughter; when we adressed the nurse with this concern her response was "well I don't know what to tell you. We're just supposed to make sure everyone does it." THAT WAS A TURNING POINT FOR OUR FAMILY! We have chosen to cease vaccinations altogether, and while I realized that choice may not be for every family, EDUCATED CONSUMERISM should be! I"m appalled at moms who put things into their childrens bodies just because they're "supposed to." I wouldn't let someone feed my baby something I didn't know the recipe for...why would I let someone feed something unknown to her veins? THANK YOU TO THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. THIS INFORMATION IS VITAL TO 21ST CENTURY FAMILIES..........

Angela said...

Amen! And thank you, thank you, thank you for your work. Well said, well done. Keep it up.

I am a mother of 3, all preschool ages, and we have been literally turned away from pediatricians offices because of our decision (perfectly legal in TX) NOT to vaccinate.

Apparently pediatricians would prefer to deny health care altogether than to treat an actual illness in an unvaccinated child. Do you supposed any other segment of the population is so summarily discriminated against? Women who don't breastfeed? Children who eat too much fast food or watch too much TV? Children in homes with smokers?

We also had an ER nurse LIE to us when she told us that the shots were state mandated (without ever revealing that there are exemptions, which we knew already).

We are standing our ground, thanks to work like yours that affirms our decision. There is just too much at stake to take the risk.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Oprah show with Jenny McCarthy? I have been wrestling with the decision to vaccinate my child since before he was born. I stopped vaccinating my dogs long ago because of a bad reaction to a vaccine and have been researching the subject ever since. I am pleased to see a challenge to routine vaccinations come up in such a mainstream format. My son's two month pediatric appointment is coming up on friday and I am so scared about what will happen when I refuse the shots. Will my pediatrician bully me? Belittle me? Try to scare me?? I don't know.

Deana Smith said...

I'm so glad there are people out there that are NOT vaccinating! I have 2 autistic kids 3&5 and have the testing to show which vaccines harmed them, unfortunately the CDC says our "time limit" to file a court case is up. Luckily since I've started my own autism company, my children are very high functioning now and I'm on the path to help MANY. God has given me the strength and wisdom to understand this whole epidemic. THINK people! If the CDC says mercury is not the cause.....why are they so eagerly removing it????

Anonymous said...

yes, you will be belittled and disrespected when you refuse the vaccines. I have had to sign a waver at each visit that says I put my child and others in danger because I am not vaccinating. Where is the waver they should sign about the possibility of vaccines harming my daughter!!?? My pediatritions will not have an open dialogue about it. I have been told "that doesn't make sense" and "I risk my child for yours". Well guess what..I didn't ask you to put your child at risk by vaccinating is what I wanted to say to the Dr. Needless to say, I am looking for a new Dr. Not to necessarily agree with me, but at least listen to my concerns and have a discussion with me.

Anonymous said...

We are another vaccine injury family. Our 11 year old got the MMR shot, second dose, in 1995. 8 days later, she had meningoencephalitis which led to complications resulting in Syringomyelia, a neurodegenerative disorder. She has chronic pain, and is losing muscle function. She was one of the unlucky kids in the 10-12 age group who got dose 2 of the MMR. There were so many reactions, they changing the second dose to pre-kindergarten age. I was told by a doctor that it's the Measles vaccine component that is required a second time, not the MMR. At the time, I didn't understand the implications. Now I get it.

Anonymous said...

When we were in a VICP case, the attorney from the Dept. of Justice was David Terzian, a vicious, cold hearted man who attacked sick children. He actually told our lawyer that if we didn't take $100,000 and settle, that he would dispute the decision, and cause us to lose entirely, 8 years in to the case. Now he's a vaccine injury attorney for sick kids!! Anyone else see a huge conflict of interest? HELP ME GET THIS INFORMATION OUT TO VACCINE INJURED FAMILIES.

Anonymous said...

I just gave a mother in the ER room the NVIC card and a note saying that your 2 year old most likely has vaccine induced illness (asthma, ear infection, stomach ache) and told her it would be wise to look at this. And I left.

It is important for people to find out, no matter what situation you are in. It might be the only time for them to find out. Remember, with knowledge comes responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Remember, you are the parent, if you are so scared of your MD, you shouldn't go to him. What type of a relationship is that? If you feel uncomfortable about vaccinations, that should tell you something. There is a lot to vaccines that your MD isn't telling you, and there is a reason. The fact is I stopped going to the pediatrician when my daughter was 6 months old, because the doctor would not read or listen to me regarding vaccinations and this person is suppose to be an expert in this subject when I know more and read more than he does?
No, I can save my $135 for the office visit and spend it on increasing my child's health naturally.

Remember, if something happens to your child, the parent is always the one who has to take responsibility for it, not the doctor. Therefore, you have every right to refuse any procedure or service from any doctor. Don't be scared, be empowered and show your doctor the information you have. If he blows it off, then he is disrespecting you and your concerns. Why keep such a doctor? If he says he understands, then that is another story. Please post what happens on your appointment here.

Anonymous said...

Great article, people in America regardless on what the Gov. and health agencies say about the propaganda on "safe vaccination", they are not buying it anymore. Unfortunately all at a devastating price.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they may try and belittle you, and they may try and suggest that you are less of a caring parent. I had one nurse say that I must not really want to keep my kid healthy!
If you want an out, you can say, I'll call and make an appointment next week or I'll wait another month - just act as if today is not the day, but the day will be soon and they'll leave you alone somewhat. Then, look into the correct forms to fill out for exemptions if you need for child-care. It's been relatively simple for me in Washington state and has been little more than a checked box and signature. I haven't run into public school yet since my girl's only three - we'll see how that goes.

I would really like someone to look into the detrimental effects of vaccines without getting into the obvious toxicity of thimerosal. I fully accept that it's nasty stuff, but I believe there's more to it. Now that the thimerosal is being more actively eliminated from the vaccines, one would expect to see autism rates drop, but I don't think that they have.
I'd like to see more studies attempting to understand WHY does a kid get high-pitched crying, convulsions, and other brain-related side effects, even if for a short time. Is it the blood-brain barrier being immature? If so, it's darn scary to inject something so inflammatory into someone - it seems a crap shoot if it'll happen cause the inflammation there.
They just write it off as only being a small percentage of people - as if it's random outliers. It's NOT random (especially if it's your kid) and we need to understand the black box of a vaccine.

Dr. W said...

Anonymous, as a pediatrician I urge you to talk to your pediatrician and let him or her know your fears. There is a lot of good and "mis" information out there. I get more out of educating families when they have questions. Remember, Thimerosal was taken out of vaccines in 1999 with the exception of the adult flu shot--we stay away from that one in my clinic. Despite a hard rap, vaccines still prevent a lot of diseases that we used to see children die from even in recent years. Hope this helps, and keep questioning.

Dr. W

Anonymous said...

I prey that this system of medical abuse falls soon, i have an autistic daughter whom was well on the path of recovery when the courts made it illegal for me to give my child any medical care unless an emergency occours, they banned me from clay baths, epsom salts, vitamin and mineral supplements and all other health measures dispite the mother stating she does this, the doctor stating if its working keep doing so, despite the child having eating disorders that require supplementation and despite no one ever laying a single complaint about these treatments. essentially they made it illegal for me to regain my childs health. This mindset is clearly deeply engrained through all areas of politically correct control It will be a massive task to defeat though i prey we all rise up soon and make this entire medico-capitalism system fall. I prey that someone out there takes on these corporations and governments for what they are doing and that being CRIMES TO HUMANITY.

Anonymous said...

Amber Wagner keep that name in the back of your head that is the name of the child who by the end of this school year will be diagnosed as no longer having autism a thing that so many ppl say there is no cure so screw all those ppl and wait for the name thats my kid you'll see I have paper work documenting everything and I beleave all signs of autism are gone she was diagnosed with autsim at 4 she was seen by 7 different doc and the school district that how she was diagnosed and now she will be undiagnosed with not having it at all so keep the name in your heqad and watch for it coming out of minnesota thanx channel 9 news soon

Angela said...

Dr. W:

If vaccines really work, then how is it that every US outbreak of supposedly vaccine-preventable disease occurs in populations where the vast majority of the victims were vaccinated?

Diseases have a natural life cycle, and many of them were in sharp decline before their corresponding vaccines were available due to improved nutrition, hygiene, etc.

Vaccines are an unnecessary and dangerous assault on a child's immune system. Don't believe the lies that you've been told about their efficacy. Chances are, the studies that 'prove' their efficacy are done by the very people who stand to profit from their use.

It's about the money. Luckily for them, they will also be working feverishly to make the drugs necessary to manage the illnesses the vaccines caused, ensuring a market for themselves indefinitely.

Incidentally, if vaccines work so well, then my unvaccinated child would pose no threat to the vaccinated masses.

Anonymous said...

i used to be autistic at one time but now i'm cured