Sept. 7: Montel Williams on Anthrax Vaccine Risks

"We will be exposing some of the military's darkest secrets including a mandatory vaccine program that many experts claim is literally killing our troops. Montel will speak with Kelli Donley, a female air force captain and military lawyer who suffered brain damage after receiving the anthrax vaccine. Filmmaker Scott Miller will discuss his film "A Call to Arms," which demonstrates how destructive and pervasive the anthrax vaccine is. He will show numerous clips, including a very powerful interview from a female top gun pilot who is now too ill to even travel. Montel will speak with two of the film's main subjects, Lieutenant Colonel Jay Lacklen and Sergeant Jeff Moore, who both say they are chronically ill from the vaccine. Find out what harmful consequences this vaccine may have had on soldiers' wives and children." - Description of "Dying to Serve," Friday, Sept. 7, 2007 Montel Williams Show

"For the first time, a federal judge last month declared six U.S. defense personnel the definitive winners in a four-year court battle over the anthrax vaccine. The Aug. 21 decision, which revolves around payment of attorneys' fees, is the latest chapter in a protracted struggle over whether the Defense Department can require service members to take the anthrax vaccine. U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan decided the government defendants must pay the plaintiffs' expenses because the plaintiffs won the case.....Known as "Anthrax II," the latest lawsuit alleges that the December 2005 FDA certification was invalid and that the Pentagon has resumed administering treatments inconsistent with the approved drug license. Zaid and Michels are asking the federal judge hearing that case, Rosemary Collyer, to impose another ban on the defense effort until the vaccine is properly tested and licensed for Pentagon use. In last month's decision, Sullivan bolstered from the bench the arguments the new set of eight plaintiffs make in their lawsuit. The judge clearly rejected the government's long-standing contention that the original drug license allowed the vaccine to be used for the prevention of anthrax regardless of the route of exposure, including disease contracted through the lungs...." - Elaine Grossman, Global Security Newswire, September 5, 2007

"Todd Sanders says he and thousands of other Gulf War veterans may be running out of time to live. Sanders believes that's because of the mandatory anthrax vaccine he and others received in the Army. Late last year, at age 41, the Kingsport resident had a pacemaker installed to keep his heart rate and blood pressure up, but he still blacks out from low blood pressure from a condition called sinus bradycardia neurocardiogenic syncope. His other medical problems include chronic fatigue, neurological symptoms, muscle deterioration, memory loss, ringing in the ears, double vision, confusion, depression, anxiety, incontinence, sleep apnea, respiratory distress, and extreme muscle and joint pain.....Dr. Meryl Nass of Bar Harbor, Maine in late July testified at a hearing of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Subcommittee on Health. Nass said Gulf War Syndrome symptoms overlap closely with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome...." - Rick Wagner, Kingsport Times News, September 3, 2007

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

On Friday, Sept. 7, Montel Williams will broadcast a show on anthrax vaccine risks entitled "Dying to Serve." Check your local listings for time and station. Excerpts from a documentary "A Call to Arms" produced by Scott Miller will be shown (click here to view a trailer ). Scott premiered an earlier version of his excellent documentary at NVIC's Third International Public Conference on Vaccination in 2002.

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that the federal government must pay the legal fees of the lawyers representing the soldiers who brought a lawsuit against the secretaries of the Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services for illegally ordering soldiers to take an experimental anthrax vaccine that had not been approved by the FDA for use against weaponized (inhalation) anthrax. In October 2004 Judge Sullivan ordered the DOD to stop forcing soldiers to take the anthrax vaccine, which had resulted in many vaccine injuries and deaths among military personnel, without their informed consent. In 2005, NVIC joined with veterans groups in an amicus brief protesting the DOD's invocation of the "Emergency Use Authorization" under Project Bioshield legislation to get around informed consent protections pertaining to experimental vaccines. The DOD re-instituted forced anthrax vaccinations after the FDA approved the vaccine for use against inhalation anthrax.

Congratulations to attorneys Mark Zaid and Lou Michels for continuing their defense of soldiers hurt by the anthrax vaccine and filing another lawsuit to stop DOD from forcing soldiers to get a vaccine that has not been properly tested and proven safe and effective for use against inhalation anthrax. Attorneys who take on powerful government agencies and drug companies manufacturing and forcing use of vaccines that carry significant risks without our voluntary, informed consent are heroes and deserve public support and praise.


Jenny W said...

I watched it! It was so controversial some audience members left during the show! But those who stayed admired Montel, one even called him a "pioneer" because this is a topic no one else will touch...

Samantha said...

I truelly wish I would have known about this lawsuit. I had the series of anthrax vaccinaton shots from 1998-1999. The last one I had to get was just about 2 months before I found out I was pregnant with my first son. I still believe that the Anthrax vaccine is responsible for the problems my son faces every day of his life. I have taken him to numerous doctors. They all say he has a high functioning autism. I pay every day of my life for serving my country. Unfortunately my son does too.