UK Pays Millions for Vaccine Injuries

One Northern Ireland family who believe their son died as a result of a vaccine said the 25 children who have been compensated are only a fraction of the children who had been affected. Anne Coulter found her 15-year-old son Christopher dead in bed ten days after receiving the measles and rubella (MR) vaccine at school in 1994....."My requests for information about Christopher's death have been blocked at every turn by the Government," Mrs Coulter said."Christopher was an active, healthy boy who had enormous energy and was head chorister at St Anne's Cathedral," she explained. Seven days before Christmas, she found her previously healthy son dead." - Sam McBride, Belfast Telegraph, UK , December 4, 2006
£2m Payout Over Children Disabled by Vaccinations

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

Parents in every country of the world continue to take healthy, bright children of all ages to pediatrician's offices and public health clinics to get vaccinated and then, tragically, watch their children die or be left brain injured. After a child is killed or injured by a vaccine or combination of vaccinations, almost always government health officials deny and cover up what really happened. They are more anxious to reassure the public with a lie than to honestly acknowledge the truth about vaccine risks and take action to minimize them. It is no wonder that parents have become mistrustful of those operating a mass vaccination system more concerned about protecting the status quo than protecting the lives of innocent children who have no voice and, often, have no choice.

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