Lowering Standards for Vaccines and Drugs

"The pharmaceutical industry is getting bad press. Recent books by Marcia Angell, the former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Jerome Kassirer, another former editor of the journal, have harshly condemned the industry for recklessness, insensitivity and all-consuming greed.....critics like Angell and Kassirer are absolutely wrong to portray the nation's big drug companies as heartless, avaricious behemoths that act in whatever manner they choose and always get their way. The truth is, the pharmaceutical industry is too heavily regulated. Its big problem today is not that it's free to run roughshod over the needs of consumers, but that it operates in a hostile and excessive regulatory environment that frustrates sound business decision- making and keeps down pharmaceutical company share prices in the stock market......- Attorney and pharmaecutical industry consultant Richard A. Epstein, LA Times, December 22, 2006
The Myth of the Big Bad Drug Companies
They're not greedy, they're over-regulated. The result is fewer pills to cure our ills.

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:
The power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry in American health care is profound. Attorneys, such as Richard Epstein, and medical doctors inside and outside of government who profit from their association with the pharmaceutical industry, often call for less stringent regulation of drugs and vaccines. They want to do away with almost all government requirements that vaccines and drugs be proven safe and effective and they oppose strict guidelines preventing federally employed scientists and medical doctors from taking money from drug companies.

It is dangerous when medical doctors and public health officials use loosely regulated vaccines (and drugs such as anti-depressants and cancer treatments) on citizens while simultaneously enjoying immunity from accountability in a court of law when those prescribed vaccines and drugs injure and kill. Since September 11, 2001, there has been an assault by drug company lobbyists on government regulations and informed consent rights when it comes to the consumer's right to have full information about the risks of vaccines and drugs and make voluntary decisions about using them. The result of this assault on the informed consent ethic has been to endanger the lives of all Americans who seek medical care.

"Buyer Beware' is an old motto that is truer now than it has ever been when it comes to health care in America.

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