HIV (AIDS) Vaccine for Newborns

"Last week, Prof Francis Mmiro, the lead investigator, said the baby [HIV] vaccine trial has been successful so far, adding that he hoped the [HIV] vaccine will be added to the many given to babies at birth and thereafter like polio, tetanus, hepatitis B and measles. Preliminary results are expected by mid 2007 in the two-and-and-half-year study."
Esther Nakkazi,, The East African, December 25, 2006
Uganda Offers HIV Vaccine Trials for Babies

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

There are different HIV (AIDS) vaccines in various stages of clinical trials in the U.S. and other countries. In the past, evaluations of the toxicity of experimental HIV (AIDS) vaccines were conducted in adults at high risk for HIV infection, such as IV drug abusers and those with multiple sexual partners. However, children have now become the preferred testing ground for experimental HIV (AIDS) vaccines and will be the eventual target for routine vaccination.

Newborn infants in Africa are now being enrolled in clinical trials. In the U.S., future HIV vaccine trials will involve pre-adolescents and babies.

A worldwide mass vaccination infrastructure is being created by governments in partnership with multinational pharmaceutical companies, the World Health Organization and private donors such as Bill Gates and the Catholic Church. During the next decade, an international campaign to vaccinate every man, woman and child with HIV (AIDS) vaccine will begin and societal sanctions, including denial of an education and health care, may well be levied against citizens in America and other developed countries who refuse the HIV (AIDS) vaccine.

What many people do not realize is that the financing of world vaccination campaigns are dependent upon forcing the citizens of wealthy nations to purchase and use vaccines in order to finance the supply of those same vaccines to underdeveloped countries at a reduced rate. For example, hepatitis B disease is prevalent in Asia and Africa but has never been in the U.S.; and HPV associated cervical cancer occurs at a high rate in underdeveloped countries without routine pap smear screening but cervical cancer is at an all time low in the U.S.. Still, American children are forced to get hepatitis B vaccine or be denied an education and the CDC has told told doctors that pre-adolescent American girls must get HPV vaccine.

In 1996, HIV vaccine developer Stanley Plotkin, M.D., of Pasteur Merieux Pharmaceuticals (who is a co-patent holder on rubella and rotavirus vaccines) explained why mandatory vaccination in rich countries like the U.S. help deliver vaccines to Third World markets:

"The keystone of the [global mass vaccination] system is that the research costs [of drug companies] are recouped in North America and Europe and the vaccines are sold in the developing world at much, much lower margins...the relatively high rate of childhood vaccination seen lately in most parts of the world is the result of that system," explained Plotkin.

One-size-fits-all forced vaccination policies target the genetically vulnerable for injury and death and violate the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking. The casualties of mass vaccination policies are never acknowledged or counted in the cost benefit analyses drug companies and public health officials publish. This will be especially true when the CDC announces every child in America must be injected with just a little bit of the HIV (AIDS) virus.

"No forced vaccination. Not in America. "

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