Telling Lies About Mercury

"Parents of the 100 children who attended Kiddie Kollege say some suffer from seizures, peeling skin from fingers and feet, hyperactivity, and other symptoms that could be associated with mercury exposure, which can cause neurological and kidney problems. Though tests showed that the day care had 27 times the acceptable level of mercury vapors, health officials said the children's exposure levels were not extreme after urine tests were conducted. The officials say the children should not suffer adverse health affects." - Jan Hefler, Philadelphia Inquirer, October 19, 2006, NJ Official: Owners Saw Mercury Warnings

"Only a small number of licensed and approved products still contain thimerosal, and the available evidence supports FDA's conclusion that all currently licensed vaccines and other pharmaceutical drug products containing thimerosal are safe," Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, the FDA's assistant commissioner for policy, wrote in denying the petition. " - Andrew Bridge, Associated Press,October 24, 2006, Government Rejects Vaccine Petition

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:
The obsessive need to protect the reputation of mercury appears to be a contagious disease among U.S. government health officials. Whether it is dismissing the potentially toxic effects of little children breathing in mercury vapors or promoting the injection of mercury into the bloodstreams of children via vaccines, public health officials just canonot bring themselves to admit there is potential for harm and take action to prevent it.

When the history of mercury poisoning of children is written - long after those who are protecting the right of adults to expose children to mercury are no longer in positions of power - the tragic legacy will live on in a nation unprepared to deal with the human and economic costs of the mercury policy.

Telling the people it is OK for humans to breathe, eat, use and be injected with mercury is a lie. And that lie, along with many others told in the name of the "greater good" is what will eventually bring down a public health system and a

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