Covering Up MMR/Autism Link

In response to an article in Pediatrics, October 2006, Reported by Reuters
New Data Refute Measles Virus Persistence in Children With Autism

"These data are a direct refutation of the reports of persistence of measles virus in the tissues of autistic children," he [Brian Ward, M.D.] said. "We are hopeful that this paper will simply put a quiet end to the debate surrounding this topic," the researcher added." - Reuters

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:
It is understandable why a member of the Canadian Infectious Disease Society, who is an ardent promoter of forced vaccination with multiple vaccines, would want to do whatever he could to exonerate MMR vaccine from any association with autism. But does he really think his pathetic attempt to discredit the meticulous work of virologists and microbiologists in other laboratories will "simply put a quiet end to the debate" about MMR and autism? I don't think so.

How tiresome it is becoming to see yet another M.D./Ph.D. vaccinologist (or a group of them) issue a proclamation declaring that THEY have studied the reported link between vaccines and autism and found absolutely no association and, therefore, no more research should be conducted and the debate should "end." This kind of posturing only furthers public suspicion that they are covering up to protect the vaccine market and the mass casualties of their one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies.

Calls for a moratorium on further scientific investigation into the causes and cures for any disease or disorder is reason to suspect that those who are calling for it are afraid of the truth.

Pediatrics 2006;118:1664-1675.

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