India: Highly Vaccinated Babies Get Polio

"They say almost all the cases have been reported from areas where sanitation is an issue and most of the children belong to poor families unable to give them a nutritious diet. In the developed countries, a child needs three doses for immunisation. But in India, a child may need up to 10 doses, they say. Officials have confirmed that one child in Delhi has contracted the virus despite being given nine shots of the vaccine." - Geeta Pandey, BBC News, Delhi, October 26, 2006, Indian Alarm At New Polio Cases

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

It is painful to watch doctors and public health officials squirt unlimited amounts of live oral polio vaccine down the throats of babies in India rather than address the poor nutrition and sanitation that comes with poverty, the true cause of most disease. With a religious zeal not seen since the Crusades, these public health officials bearing live polio viruses capable of being causing vaccine strain polio and transmitting it to others through the open sewage pits of poor communities in India, apparently have no idea what they are doing.

Have the relentless polio vaccine campaigns in India and other poor countries put pressure on one or all of the three polio viruses contained in the live oral polio vaccine to mutate into vaccine resistant forms? Have the malnourished, poor children repeatedly exposed to live polio viruses become immune compromised and more vulnerable to other diseases? These and other questions are ignored as the vaccinnators mindlessly conduct one polio vaccine campaign after another, determined to eradicate a virus from the earth using a live virus vaccine which gives the virus opportunity to thrive.

The people, like lambs led to slaughter, do not know how to stand up to the officials in white coats. Some run. Others submit, afraid of retribution. And the highly vaccinated children living in poverty without enough to eat continue to get sicker and sicker.

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Jaspal said...

Hi there,

great work on the blog...

it's sad to see how bad things are getting all over the world and especially in India (after reading this..) when it comes to vaccines.

I would really like to get in touch with like minded Indians who feel vaccinations are just not the right thing to do to our babies. my wife and I are expecting our first child any day now and would like to meet people who haven't got their kids vaccinated.