Flu Shots for the Elderly

In response to an article in the Washington Post

The vaccine adjuvant, MF59, that NIH proposes to add to flu vaccine given
to the frail elderly, is not licensed in the U.S. as safe for human use.
MF59 contains squalene, which can cause autoimmunity. Some ill Gulf War
veterans, who were given anthrax vaccine and other experimental vaccines,
have tested positive for squalene antibodies even though the U.S. Department
of Defense denies putting the adjuvant MF59 in anthrax and other vaccines
given to soldiers.

The tragic consequences of experimenting on America's elderly population by
giving them annual flu vaccinations laced with MF59 will be that, when they
develop lupus, rheumatorid arthritis, asthma or die, it will be written off
as old age and unrelated to the squalene injected into their bodies via flu
vaccines. The elderly with as yet unidentified genetic factors that make
them exquisitely vulnerable to squalene-induced autommunity or death will be
the first to go down.

The suggestion that the notoriously ineffective flu vaccine be made more
toxic by adding squalene to a brew that already contains mercury is nothing
more than a callous disregard for human life. If Americans do not understand
what is being done to them in the name of disease control and take action,
they will be forced one day to be injected with squalene containing flu
vaccines whenever the Secretary of Health declares an emergency. Go to
www.nvic.org and click on "Liability Shield Given to Pharma" and read NVIC's letter to Senate staffer Col. Robert Kadlec.

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