Sticking It To Children in New Jersey

by Barbara Loe Fisher

It wasn't like any of the parents, who showed up in Trenton on Dec. 10, 2007 to witness members of the New Jersey Public Health Council vote on a new vaccine mandates proposed by state health department officials, were surprised by the thumbs-up 7-2-2 vote by political appointee members of the Council. For the past two decades every time state health department officials have pushed to require children to get another new vaccine to attend school, the new vaccine has been automatically added to state vaccine mandates under rule making authority held by state health officials and without a vote by the people. Hoping to set precedent for other states to follow suit, this time New Jersey officials are ramming through mandates that will ban babies and toddlers from daycare or pre-school without two doses of influenza vaccine and three doses of pneumococcal vaccine while sixth graders will have to show proof by Sept. 1, 2008 that they have gotten a dose of TdaP and meningococcal vaccine.

New Jersey is about to become the first state to make children get flu shots despite a lack of scientific evidence that influenza vaccine is very effective in preventing Type A or Type B influenza in children.
If NJ Health Commissioner Fred Jacobs and NJ Governor Joe Corzine approve the new requirements written by health department officials, then New Jersey will lead the nation in vaccine mandates by forcing children to get 35 doses of 13 vaccines.

Federal and state health officials refuse to publish credible scientific evidence that demonstrates it is necessary or healthy to force children to get so many vaccinations by sixth grade. They also continue to deny that the doubling of the numbers of vaccines mandated for child use over the past quarter century has contributed to the dramatic increase in chronic disease and disability among American children during that same time period. Today, 1 American child in 6 is learning disabled; 1 in 9 has asthma; 1 in 94- 150 develops autism; 1 in 450 is diabetic. New Jersey is reported to have the highest autism rate in the nation: 1 child in 94 living in New Jersey develops autism.

Sue Collins, co-founder of the New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination (NJAICV at and longtime leader of a grassroots effort to institute conscientious belief exemption to vaccination in New Jersey, said that many parents oppose the new vaccine mandates: "We deserve a choice, not a mandate. It's our right to decide what toxic substances we inject into our children," she said. 1/nyregion/11vaccine.html?_r=1&oref=slogin New Jersey Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk (R- Westwood), who is the sponsor of a bill to insert conscientious belief exemption into New Jersey vaccine laws, told the Council "Children of this state are assaulted with shot after shot before they go to school," she said. "Don't force it on those who have these objections. This is America. What's happened to our freedom?"

The National Vaccine Information Center joins with NJAICV and other organizations representing parents and children opposing the new vaccine mandates and supporting the addition of conscientious belief exemption to vaccine laws in New Jersey, including Advocates for Children's Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning (A-CHAMP), Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), Autism One, Autism Research Institute, Children Having Everybody Upset About Shots (C.H.E.R.U.B.S), Generation Rescue, Holistic Moms Network, National Autism Association (NAA), Network Organization for Vaccine Awareness and Choice (NOVAC), Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), Taper Safely, Unlocking Autism (UA), and US Autism and Aspergers Association (USAAA). Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD, Inc.) supports replacing all state vaccine mandates with "opt-in" laws and SafeMinds opposes continued use of mercury in vaccines.

The fate of the new vaccine mandates proposed by the NJ state health department now rests with the retiring Commissioner of Health, Fred Jacobs, appointed by Governor Joe Corzine and the Governor himself. Fred Jacobs is expected to rule on the new mandates by Dec. 18 and can be contacted at Governor Corzine can be contacted at

In addition, New Jersey residents who are interested in contacting their state Assemblyperson or Senator about the need to secure a conscientious belief exemption to vaccination, can find out how to do that at . To help other parents work in New Jersey on this issue, contact NJAICV's Sue Collins at (See copy of NJ Conscientious Belief Exemption bill below). To find out more about how to educate members of your community about vaccination and the right to informed consent to vaccination, go to NVIC's website at or contact NVIC at


Dave In Santa Fe said...

Cattle in the feedlots don't get a choice, why should we expect that people should be any different?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely sickening. Another great move by the most corrupt state in the union and home of most major pharmaceutical companies!!!

Who the hell are these people to tell me what and how to take care of my children!!! It is no coincidence that NJ which requires the most vaccinations in the country also has the highest rate of childhood diseases, including Autism in the country.

This is the last straw, NJ could kiss my arse goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I live in New Jersey and this news just makes me sick. So many are leaving the state because it's in financial mess and out of control property taxes. Add this to the list

Chris Runquist said...

I believe that the answer to the vaccine dilemma will come out in time: How many pedestrians have to be hit by a car at an intersection before a traffic light is put up?
How many children have to be injured by vaccines before they are halted?!
The day will come when one too many children are hurt. Then and only then will the lawmakers realize what they are doing. We,the caretakers of vaccine injured children have to be confident in knowing that our children were indeed injured from the vaccines. As much as they try to make us doubt ourselves; we know the truth.

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Any medical procedure that carries with it the risk of injury or death should be the choice of the patient or the patient's guardian. The choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate should be based on informed consent. Take a look at the new website for the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice to learn more or get involved in getting this legislation passed in NJ.

Anonymous said...

We can complain all we want- but let’s do something about it… it’s a parent’s choice, not the governments. This is an election year. Stand up and be heard.

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Noon – 2:00 pm
Outside Governor Jon Corzine’s office
New Jersey State House
125 West State Street, Trenton

Please check out and register to attend the rally. AND SHOW UP. No good writing blogs– do something!

Yes, it stinks, you have to take off work… but imagine- if we all show up…

then it’ll be a parent’s choice in NJ too!