NJ Health Council Votes Dec. 10 On New Vaccine Mandates

by Barbara Loe Fisher

The New Jersey Public Health Council is scheduled to meet on Monday, December 10, 2007 at 11 a.m. to vote on whether to approve adoption of rules written by the New Jersey Department of Health that would require children to get three doses of pneumoccocal vaccine and two doses of influenza vaccine to attend daycare or pre-school and one dose each of tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (TdaP) and meningococcal vaccine to attend sixth grade. If the Council votes to approve the new mandates sought by state public health officials, the mandates will apply to all children entering daycare or school on September 1, 2008.

The NJ Public Health Council meeting will be held on Dec. 10 at 11 a.m in the Auditorium (1st Floor) of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Market and Warren Streets, Trenton, New Jersey. New Jersey would become the first state to require influenza vaccine for daycare and pre-school and the first state to require meningococcal vaccine for sixth graders if the new mandates are approved by the Council. The additional nine doses of vaccines would be added to 26 doses of vaccines (diphtheria (4), tetanus (4), pertussis (4), HIB (3), measles (2), mumps (1), rubella (1), polio (3), hepatitis B (3), chicken pox (1)) the State already requires for daycare or school, bringing the total to 35 doses of 13 mandated vaccines.

The NJ Department of Health has the power under rule making authority given to the agency by the NJ state legislature to mandate new vaccines after holding public hearings and taking public comments. A public hearing was held on these proposed new vaccine mandates on Jan. 26, 2007 and the public comment period ended on Feb. 16. 2007. A 125 page summary of the public hearing and public comments received by the health department reveals that the majority of the 103 comments from the public opposed the new vaccine mandates.
http://nj.gov/health/commis s/bc/documents/phc_final_adoption_857_4.pdf

Supporters of the mandates included state public health and education officials, the American Academy of Pediatrics and vaccine manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, which markets three of the new vaccines that would be required (TdaP, influenza and meningococcal vaccines), among others. In a memo from retiring NJ Commissioner of Health, Fred Jacobs, M.D., J.D. to Herbert Yardley, Chair of the NJ Public Health Council, Jacobs notes that "Some parents rights groups, vaccine critics, autism advocacy organizations and alternative medicine practitioners will likely continue to oppose existing requirements, these recently adopted new vaccine requirements, and future immunization requirements as they have since the mid-1980's....There is increasing resistance from the public on new state vaccine mandates and a demand for more informed parental choice in vaccinations for children...."
http://nj.gov/health/com miss/bc/documents/phc_memo_adoption_857_4.pdf

Exemptions to vaccination in New Jersey include a medical exemption that must be written by a medical doctor or a religious exemption, which requires citizens to write a letter explaining how vaccination "conflicts with the pupil's exercise of bona fide religious tenets or practices." The law makes it clear that a "general philosophical or moral objection" to receiving one or more vaccines "shall not be sufficient for an exemption on religious grounds." The law further states that "religious affiliated schools or child care centers shall have the authority to withhold or grant a religious exemption" for students attending their schools "without challenge by any secular health authority." http://www.nvic.org/state- site/NewJersey.htm

The citizens of New Jersey have not had an opportunity to vote, through their elected representatives, on whether they want their children to be required to be injected with nine more doses of vaccines or be denied an education. The power to add or remove vaccine mandates currently resides entirely in the hands of employees of the NJ Health Department and members of the NJ Public Health Council.

NJ Health Commissioner Fred Jacobs can be contacted at

NJ Public Health Council Chair, Herbert Yardley, who is also the Health Officer for Sussex County, can be contacted at hyardley@sussex.nj.us

The Governor of New Jersey, Joe Corzine, can be reached at

If you want to change the way new vaccines are mandated in your state and/or support the addition of conscientious belief exemption to state vaccine laws, you must work with the state legislators you have elected to represent you. If you are a resident of New Jersey and want to let your state legislators know how you feel about nine more doses of vaccines being added to vaccine mandates, go to
http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/legsearch. asp

The National Vaccine Information Center has been working in New Jersey and many states as well as nationally since 1982 to educate citizens and their elected representatives about the need to institute vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the U.S. mass vaccination system. Some states have formed local groups, such as the New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination (www.NJAICV.org) headed by co-founder Sue Collins.

The National Vaccine Information Center stands with other parent organizations such as ACHAMP, Generation Rescue, TACA, NAA, Holistic Moms Network and others in opposing new vaccine mandates for children in New Jersey and supports the addition of conscientious belief exemption to vaccination in New Jersey and all states. If you are interested in working to educate citizens in your community and state about vaccination and the need for informed consent protections in your state laws, contact NVIC at NVICinfo@gmail.com

To report a vaccine reaction, go to www.NVIC.org
and to post a vaccine reaction report on NVIC's International Memorial for Vaccine Victims, go www.vaccinememorial.org


beansmom said...

I just saw this news this morning and I am just completely shocked. I am a new mother of a 7 month old boy and we have decided to stop vaccinating him after he was 4 months old. When we told our Dr. about this he was NOT happy and tried every scare tactic in the book to get us to change our minds. I am a nurse and we spent hours researching our decision and nothing will change our minds. I almost feel like NJ is gettting out of control and we should move at some point! This new vote is making me so mad. I doubt parents even realize that Thimerosol is still an ingredient in the flu vaccine!
On a side note: I now need an open minded Dr. who will work with us and our decision. I live in Hunterdon County. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Anonymous said...

The pharmaceutical companies are using our children as guinea pigs and our elected officials are the ones who sold them out. I do not care what I have to say on a piece of paper, we've reached a point where enough is enough and I will do what I need to to prevent my children from being used. How many toxins can we put in these little bodies without repercussions? How do we know which children will have adverse reactions? Why was a NJ daycare closed down and cited when the level of mercury exposure to the children was not even close to what the state want to introduce to your little one's system IN ONE SHOT? Your State Representatives in NJ want to find out. The state of NJ wants to keep pharmaceutical companies in the state. Drumming up a little business for them is a good way to do it. Perhaps someone needs to sue the State because from where I am standing these mandates represent a serious conflict of interest. This infringement on the rights of the parents to parent their children in the safest way according to their own beliefs and morals should not be tolerated. I'm sorry if I sound like a rabid dog but my home state has just put me in the position of either lying to them or going against my own beliefs and gut instinct as a mother about what is safe for my children.

momconcerned said...

dear beansmom,
I also live in the area and we are not happy with what is going on. Have you been able to find support? Would love to know as I am going through this with my 4 year old. He has had his shots however the school wants him to repeat one of them because he had it 8 days prior to his 1st birthday. State law mandates 4 days prior or anytime past to have it. They are hasseling us over 4 days and I am outraged. We decide to play ball but it still wasn't good enough. I am tired of lining everyone else's pockets with my hard earned money not to mention jeopardizing my son's health.

Anonymous said...

This does not have to do with the new vaccine guidelines, but rather an idea over the Thanksgiving and Christmas-Hannukah Holidays to remind people to drink more fluids with inside heating systems which cause dehydration.
The support for providing free drinks (in some cases free cups as the drinks are free) in convenience stores and at bars on tap might be helpful as a campaign to make people aware of the fact that the body system works better with adequate fluids.
Can you reply to patrovido@yahoo.com
Carolyn Gill, retired R.D.

linda said...

The chemical compound ttnpb is an engineered hepatitis b virus, being used by pharmaceutical corp. like Johnson and Johnson in their Renova 0.05% cream and Renova 0.02%. See patent 4877805 and just use the initials ttnpb and the word patent and you will find patents that include this virus. They develop the virus, release it and force our children to be vaccinated and costing us the expense.

Anonymous said...

To know what is vaccines go to free patents, click patents, in the search field use keywords such as vaccines, hib vaccine, pseudomonas vaccine or key the patent number such as Baxter patent 200960950. You will see the term benzonase and chemicals that are in vaccines and various viruses being put in these vaccines. Go to the Pharmacopeia website and key the work benzonase. A pdf report titled vaccines should come as I printed it out. It will inform you that benzonase is the ecoli, yeast and other microorganisms that they are injecting into your infant and small child's arm and leg. How does the ecoli and yeast and their endotoxins and mycotoxins help our children, when in reality these organisms are used in cloning such as the yeast gene. Review further and you will see that aluminum phosphates and dehydroxides are used as adjuvanants. Go again to the Pharmacopeia website and put aluminum phosphate and you will find the MSDS on this as well as other chemical corps. MSDS. It causes alzeheimers and since it isused in many drugs and hygeiene products is why the elderly are suffering alzeheimers. It causes autism and behavior problems and is known as the "rage" metal. This is why the most vaccinated generation is out of control and we are see more violent behavior. It is not their faught or their parents. It is the govt. officials who demanded these vaccinations, it is pharmaceutical corps. who developed them and profit from these toxic vaccines, it is the physician and nurse who inject them in our children and it is the school system who mandates them. They we adverse events occur all look the other way and let your child suffer. Some will drop out of school frustrated and others will be sent to alternative school where no toxicity tests are done to see why there is a behavior problem. His education will suffer and his own personal life or hers will suffer. It is time that all who participated in approving, mandating and administering toxic poisons to any of us are held responsible and the cover up stopped. These agents alter genetics and will alter the human race. Patent 5290688 will inform you of another poison being put in your children's diet and body. It is aspartame and comes from the bacteriorhodospin (bacteria and fungus), which is the 13-cis isomer which is what Accutane is made from. People are committing suicide and violent acts on accutane. The patent 4556518 informs you how 13-cis retinoic acid is prepared. Again using aluminum phosphates, propionic acid that causes severe burns and toxic agents. These agents are known to alter genetics and on patient and physician pamphlets it states "gene expression" that is the term they use for altering genes. Formeldehyde and parabens are cancer causing agents as well as aspartame. Demand for toxicity tests, explicit toxicity tests for the chemicals in these patents on your children from their physicians. Get the knowledge you need by reviewing patents and chemical corps. MSDS files. No attorney nor physician nor pharmacists will inform you of the truth. Beware when you demand tests these very physicians you trusted with your life and your child's life will not cooperate with you and will try to destroy your reputation and life with false allegations of DOP and OCD, as they did with your child's life. I know from experience. One day I hope and pray we will find a real and ethical person who will help all of us and in turn will be helping mankind.