Scared UK Doctors Won't Charge Wakefield

In response to an article in The Daily Mail (UK), July 15, 2006
MMR row doctor who defied Government 'in the clear'

It has been eight long years since British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, M.D. and colleagues from the Royal Free Hospital in London published an article in The Lancet urging further scientific investigation into the possible link between MMR vaccine, inflammatory bowel disease and autism in some children. Ever since, Wakefield has been subjected to a vicious personal and professional smear campaign at the hands of public health officials and medical doctors in Britain, the U.S. and Canada, who have no tolerance for scientific investigation into the biological mechanisms for vaccine injury and death.

Britain's General Medical Council (GMC), which is the equivalent of a self annointed Medical Supreme Court, has publicly been conducting an "investigation" for the past two years into whether Andrew Wakefield should be convicted of "professional misconduct" and have his medical license taken away. For the sin of trying to prevent healthy children from regressing physically, mentally, and emotionally after MMR vaccination into autism, the GMC has been determined to make sure he cannot find ways to help autistic children recover from MMR vaccine induced autism.

Now, at the eleventh hour, just before Andrew Wakefield was to have his day in court and publicly defend himself against nearly a decade of baseless charges by those seeking to silence him, the doctors in charge of the GMC have put their collective tails between their legs and run. Just like a common street bully, who blindsides an innocent with a sucker punch in the dark, doctors inside and outside of government and industry are too chicken to stand ground and fight in the light of day. The GMS has apparently figured out it won't stand a chance fighting Wakefield under the bright lights of the media it has duped and exploited in order to hide the child victims of one-size-fits all vaccine policies that end up targeting the genetically vulnerable for sacrifice.

It does not matter anymore what the GMC and doctors in charge of the mass vaccination system in the US and countries around the world do or do not do to Andrew Wakefield. His legacy is already written in the hearts and minds of the people whose children he has saved and will save from a lifetime of pain.

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Anonymous said...

Now why are we surprised?

The General Medical Council is a pretty dishonourable old-boy's network. They forge ahead with complaints or ignore tham based almost soley on race, political expediency and seniority of the accused person within the network. They accuse and convict lowly black and asian doctors of research misconduct with abandon, but the more serious malefactor are usually political big fish (often also working with industry or are doctors within the drug regulatory bodies). It is extraordinary that some senior medics within the MHRA (the regulators) have not yet been brought to book for their sins.