Thousands Of Americans Register for NVIC's New Advocacy Portal During Vaccine Awareness Week

by Barbara Loe Fisher

Thousands of Americans living in all 50 states took action and registered for the new NVIC Advocacy Portal at during Vaccine Awareness Week (Nov. 1-6, 2010) co-sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and The NVIC Advocacy Portal, a free, online interactive database and communications network to help Americans protect and expand vaccine exemptions in state vaccine laws, was launched during the joint weeklong effort to raise public awareness about vaccine safety and informed consent issues.

More Than Two Million People Reached

More than two million people were reached during Vaccine Awareness Week through a series of articles and videos about vaccination published on In a
joint press release issued Nov. 8, Dr. Joseph Mercola urged Americans to join with NVIC and and organize to protect vaccine choices.

"Americans should be free to say "yes" or "no" to using vaccines without being harassed or punished for the informed decision they make," said Dr. Mercola. "Like any drug or medical procedure a doctor recommends, getting a vaccine is a personal health choice and the voluntary consent of the patient is absolutely necessary."

Topics of articles about vaccination published on during Vaccine Awareness Week, included:

· NVIC Advocacy Portal

· Influenza

· Chickenpox & Shingles

· Hepatitis B

· HPV & Gardasil

· Vaccine Mandates & Big Business

Leveling the Playing Field in State Legislatures

Dawn Richardson, NVIC Director of Advocacy, who designed the web-based vaccine choice advocacy communications network, developed the Advocacy Portal to make it easier for average citizens to make their voices heard in state legislatures where vaccine exemptions are under attack.

Dawn said 'This is a dream for smart phone users who can be viewing a vaccine legislative action alert in their state, while also being able to get in immediate contact with their elected legislators to voice their opinion. We, the people, don't yet have the money to fight drug company lobbyists and doctors, who are camped out in state legislatures pushing for more vaccine mandates and the elimination of vaccine exemptions. This gives us an effective tool to help level the playing field."

Those who register on the NVIC Advocacy Portal become NVIC Advocacy Team Members and have access to:

· complete, up-to-date contact information for legislators
· vaccine tutorials
· webinars and conference calls
· tips for communicating with legislators and health officials
· web stickers for posting on websites, blogs, Facebook, MySpace
· urgent Action Alerts notifying NVIC Team Members about breaking vaccine legislation news
· online state and national vaccine newsletters
· "Tell a Friend" feature to send an online invitation to family and friends to join the NVIC Advocacy team

Getting Serious About Defending Informed Consent Rights

NVIC developed the NVIC Advocacy Portal because we know it is time to get serious about legally defending the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking in America. Big medical organizations and doctors with financial ties to vaccine manufacturers are advocating for the elimination of vaccine exemptions in state vaccine laws. We cannot allow ourselves to become captive consumers of every new vaccine that drug companies produce.

NVIC is committed to making our Number One priority in the second decade of the 21st century the protection of the legal right for all Americans to make fully informed, voluntary decisions about vaccination for themselves and their children. NVIC is working to make sure that every state vaccine law includes:

· a medical exemption that does not require approval of state or federal government health officials;

· a religious exemption that is not questioned by doctors or government officials; and

· a conscientious belief exemption that allows citizens to obey their conscience and their personal or philosophical beliefs regarding vaccination.

NVIC & Partners Since 2008

NVIC's partnership with, which ranks in the top five most visited health information websites in the world, is strengthening and expanding NVIC's three decade call for the institution of informed consent protections in US vaccine laws. hosts and and has worked with NVIC since 2008 to research and disseminate referenced information about vaccination and health.

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