Flu Vaccine and Human Guinea Pigs

In response to an article on Bloomberg News, July 15, 2006
Work on Pandemic Flu Vaccines Must Start Now, WHO Report Says

Already, public health and drug company officials are talking about the inevitability of "unexpected adverse events" when people take the experimental flu vaccines they are using billions of taxpayer dollars to create for a flu pandemic they insist is just around the corner. Already they are trying to soften up the public to accept the idea that, whenever anyone dies or is crippled after talking an experimental flu vaccine, it will only be a "coincidence" and unrelated to the vaccination just given.

Obsessed with the idea they must eradicate all mircoorganisms causing infectious disease, especially the ever evolving and mutating strains of viruses causing human influenza, the vaccinologists running things at the CDC and WHO are teaming up with drug companies to wreak more havoc on the human immune system. Not content with targeting children for flu vaccination, they are now targeting all pregnant women, whose unborn child in the womb will be the unwitting recipient of a dose of flu vaccine.

And when, after vaccination, that unborn infant is either spontaneously aborted or is eventually born with brain or immune system damage, the mother will be blamed for defective genes or not eating right during pregnancy. The flu vaccine, which atypically manipulated the immune system of both mother and unborn child, will never be implicated. If she questions the doctor who gave her the flu vaccine, he will tell her she is crazy, that vaccines do not cause such things and that it was all "just a coindicence."

And the killing and crippling of mothers and babies after annual and experimental flu vaccines will go on. And when anybody wonders or asks if the flu vaccine had anything to do with it, government health officials and doctors will say over and over and over again that it was just a "coincidence."

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Anonymous said...

I am a victim of the flu vaccine. My pregnancy was going well and at my eighth month, I went in to see my OB/GYN. Before leaving, she told me to get a flu shot because it was recommended. When questioned about the risks to my unborn baby, the nurse said "You will pass down antibodies that will protect your baby. You want to protect your baby don't you?" I took the flu shot (for the first time in my life) and gave birth prematurely three hours later. My son spent 11 days in the NICU. If I hadn't been so far along, I don't think he would have made it.