Preventing Gardasil Vaccine Injuries & Deaths

by Barbara Loe Fisher

She is just 16: the intelligent, lively pretty girl from Kansas, who was a high school gymnast and cheerleader and got straight A’s until, in 2008, three Gardasil shots changed her life and she became one more Gardasil reaction statistic. Today, Gabrielle never knows when she will be back in the hospital emergency room. Diagnosed with inflammation in the brain and body, the brain seizures won’t stop. She has had strokes. The right side of her body is weakened. She is in almost constant pain. Gabi has developed lupus now. Her doctor says she could die.

Fast-Tracked Vaccine

Gardasil vaccine was fast tracked to licensure by the Food and Drug Administration in 2006. It contains genetically engineered virus-like protein particles (VLPs) and aluminum, which affect immune function. The exact mechanism of protection is unknown and the vaccine has not been evaluated for the potential to cause cancer or be toxic to the genes.

It is a vaccine that, by the summer of 2009, already caused more than 15,000 thousand reports of vaccine reactions, including more than 3,000 injuries and 48 deaths. 14 of the girls who died after getting Gardasil were under age 16 just like Gabrielle.

At the National Vaccine Information, we issued our first press release in the summer of 2006 warning parents that Gardasil had not been adequately tested in young girls before government health officials recommended that all 11 and 12 year old girls get three doses of the vaccine.12 Merck only studied Gardasil in fewer than 1200 girls under age 16 and followed them up for about two years before lobbyists tried, unsuccessfully in 2007, to get the vaccine mandated for all sixth grade girls in every state.

Expanding Multi-Billion Dollar Market: Boys Are Next

Even though Gardasil was only tested on about a thousand young girls before licensure in 2006, CDC officials told doctors to give three doses of the vaccine to millions of little girls at a cost averaging $165 per dose. Because Merck did not test Gardasil in pre-licensure clinical trials in combination with all other vaccines routinely given to pre-teen and teenage girls, the CDC suggested that safety could be assumed and directed that Gardasil be given simultaneously with other vaccines.

Now Merck is asking the FDA to license Gardasil for young boys,16 an action that will expand Merck’s market by tens of millions of dollars. In 2008, the global sales from Gardasil topped $2 billion dollars.

HPV Virus Naturally Cleared From Bodies of Most People

But what is Gardasil vaccine supposed to protect our children against? It is supposed to prevent a sexually transmitted virus called HPV. Most people, who have been sexually active, have been exposed to HPV and clear the virus from their bodies within two years without any problems and are left with permanent, lifelong immunity to the HPV strains that caused infection.

The small minority of women, who do not clear the HPV virus, can develop cervical cancer and die IF they do not get regular Pap test screening and immediate treatment of pre-cancerous cervical lesions.

Routine Pap Screening Prevents Cervical Cancer & Death

After routine Pap tests became a standard part of health care for American women in the 1960’s, deaths from cervical cancer dropped by more than 70 percent. In fact, cervical cancer represents less than two percent of all cancers diagnosed in the U.S. every year and is not among the top ten causes of cancer deaths in American women today. About 11,000 American women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year and about 4,000 women die. Plus Merck, government officials and doctors do not know how long three shots of Gardasil will protect against HPV infection. The vaccine only contains several of the many HPV strains associated with cervical cancer and hasn’t been on the market long enough to know how well it works.

Unknown If Gardasil Prevents HPV Infection Long-Term

In fact, girls are still supposed to get Pap tests even if they have been vaccinated because nobody really knows if Gardasil will prevent HPV infection for a long time without booster shots.

So here’s the bottom line: Gardasil vaccine is supposed to prevent a sexually transmitted infection that is naturally cleared from the body within two years by the vast majority of people. Getting regular Pap tests can help prevent almost all cases of cervical cancer and death.

Treating Gabrielle’s serious Gardasil vaccine injury has cost her family and insurance company tens of thousands of dollars.

Most Vaccine Reactions Not Reported

How many more Gabrielle’s are out there? We don’t know, even though there have been many similar Gardasil reaction reports from doctors and parents in the U.S. and other countries like Spain and Australia.

Fewer than 10 percent, perhaps only one percent of all serious health problems following vaccination are ever reported to U.S. federal health agencies. This means that - instead of the more than 15,000 bad health outcomes following Gardasil vaccination that have already been reported in America – actually there could have been between 150,000 and 1.5 million adverse health events following Gardasil shots which have never been counted.

Government & Doctors Say: “It’s All A Coincidence!”

Why? Because many doctors write off Gardasil related hospitalizations, injuries and deaths as just a “coincidence” and do not report. Labeling bad things that happen after vaccination as a “coincidence” minimizes the risks of vaccination. Officials at the CDC and FDA have dismissed what happened to Gabrielle after she got her Gardasil shots as a coincidence.

In fact, they have only admitted that Gardasil can cause a sudden loss of consciousness and warn that “FDA and the CDC continue to receive reports of traumatic injuries of individuals fainting and falling after receiving Gardasil. Some who have fainted have had serious injuries from falling, which have often occurred while still in the healthcare provider’s office, and other fainting episodes resulted in motor vehicle accidents.” (This fact makes it dangerous for girls to drive alone to and from doctor’s offices where Gardasil shots are given).

But government health officials have told doctors and the American public that ALL of the other serious Gardasil reaction reports, including seizures, paralysis, brain inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and deaths in young girls and women, are just a coincidence.

All of them.

How unscientific, illogical and irresponsible. We expect a lot more from doctors in charge of making sure vaccines are safe.

What if all of the injuries and deaths associated with Vioxx had been allowed to be written off as a “coincidence” after that dangerous drug had been on the market for years?

Pharmaceutical Products Carry Risks Greater for Some

Every pharmaceutical product, including every vaccine, carries a risk of injury or death. That risk can be greater for some than others.At the not-for-profit National Vaccine Information Center, we have been operating a Vaccine Reaction Registry for nearly three decades.

The most tragic cases of vaccine injury we see are when doctors revaccinate babies, children, teenagers and adults over and over again and ignore the fact that symptoms are getting worse and worse after each dose of vaccine.

Know Gardasil Reaction Symptoms

It is so important to know how to recognize Gardasil vaccine reaction symptoms like:

numbness & tingling
pain & weakness
hair loss
extreme fatigue
other health problems

Report Vaccine Reactions to NVIC

If you or a loved one has suffered a health problem after a Gardasil shot or another vaccine, after a report has been made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), go to and file a report. We won’t dismiss your report as just a coincidence. We will treat it seriously and with the respect it deserves.

On the NVIC website, you can sign learn more about HPV and Gardasil Vaccine. You can sign the “Investigate Gardasil Risks Now” petition to Congress and the Obama Administration. You can sign up for this NVIC Vaccine E-newsletter and register for the Fourth International Public Conference on Vaccination being held this Oct. 2-4, 2009 in Washington, D.C., where you can learn from vaccine experts and network with other families in your state to protect vaccine choices.

Empower yourself with information and take action now so we can stop girls like Gabrielle from becoming one more vaccine reaction statistic.

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Jill said...

I am so grateful for your information and the awareness that you put out for people.
Thank you Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I will not let my 16 year old 14 year old take this flu vaccine, I will remove them from school. Where do we find out about stoping this insanity
Thank You Jennifer

Anonymous said...

A young teenage girl in our small town was recently affected by the Gardasil Vaccine. She woke up one morning and was paralyzed. It took them most of the summer to figure out that is was from the vaccine and as of yet, we don't know what kind of recovery she will have. My daughter just had her first dose (before I knew all this), but I don't think she'll have any more.

km said...

My daughter is 14 and has had one shot of this vaccine a year ago. She was a perfectly healthy girl with no real issues. Two weeks after the shot she was fainting,having seizures and every single one of the other symptoms. She was hospitalized about three times. She was given MRI scans and electrode brain scans which showed nothing. She had to have home hospital schooling due to the fact that she could no longer attend school regularly. We have been through a night mare. She has been told she has a psychiatric panic disorder. No one will consider that the shot was the catalyst for her condition. Thank you so much for confirming what a mothers heart already knows.

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear from everyone that has had adverse affects believed to be linked to gardasil. I am on facebook and have a link to my story on my blog on there - please add me - kristin clulow. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone experienced a sudden weight gain that they think may be associated with these shots?

Anonymous said...

My daughter has.She is 11.Weighs 135 and is only 4"11. I dont know what to do because she didnt start gaining weight until a month after her 3rd shot.

Anonymous said...

What's the time line for the side effects to happen? I got the third shot two months ago. I'm a little concerned and very, very angry. If I had done even a tiny, tiny bit of research I would've known not to take it. And the nurses, pharmacist and the doctors didn't say a THING about side effects, never mind fatal ones!!

4improve said...

I just read this news article about a 16-year old cheerleader in Los Angeles who collapsed and died suddenly. I'm wondering if this could be vaccine-related. I personnally know of two people who suddenly feinted after receiving shots.