NVIC's October 2009 Vaccine Conference: It's About Informed Choices

by Barbara Loe Fisher

As many parents head for the Autism One conference in Chicago next week to learn how to heal their children's vaccine-related brain and immune system dysfunction and worldwide anxiety about the swine flu lingers, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is opening registration for the Fourth International Public Conference on Vaccination to be held Oct. 2-4, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, Virginia near Dulles International Airport and Washington, D.C. The largest and oldest non-profit vaccine safety organization in North America, founded in 1982, is sponsoring the event to provide a public forum for open discussion about vaccine issues of concern to parents and health care professionals. The conference theme "Show Us the Science & Give Us A Choice" reflects NVIC's three decade pro- education and pro-informed consent stand defending the right of citizens to make fully informed, voluntary vaccine decisions for themselves and their children.

More than 35 speakers from the U.S. and traveling from Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and Kenya will speak about the science, policy, law and economics of vaccination; the human right to informed consent to vaccination; as well as holistic health care options for preventing illness and staying well. Pre-conference state organizing sessions start Thursday evening, Oct. 1, and Friday and Sunday advocacy training, holistic health education and vaccine injury family networking sessions precede a post-conference Monday, Oct. 5 bus trip to Capitol Hill.

Friday, Oct. 2 Highlights: Peggy O'Mara, founder & editor of Mothering Magazine and Jane Bryant, founder & editor of the UK internet news service, One Click, start the first day with a discussion about freedom of the press. The keynote address will be delivered by renowned bioethicist George Annas, JD, MPH, Chair of the Department of Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights at Boston University School of Public Health. HPV vaccine researcher Professor Diane Harper, MD, MPH of the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine, will examine informed consent issues involving Gardasil vaccine. Evidence for influenza vaccine efficacy will be reviewed by Italian epidemiologist and physician Tom Jefferson, MD, Cochrane Vaccines Field Coordinator.

Coming all the way from Kenya is cell biologist and vaccine researcher Bonnie Dunbar, PhD, who co- founded the Africa Biomedical Center, to inform the audience about the multi-disciplinary approach to meeting unique health challenges in Africa. She is joined by Canadian pediatrician Colin Forbes, MD, who will recount his more than 40 years of experience caring for children in Kenya and how he helped reduce child mortality in some of the most impoverished child populations in the world.

Returning briefly from a health research position in Japan, MIT doctoral candidate Peter Doshi will outline the impact on democracy of U.S. and global vaccine policies. Human rights activist Shiv Chopra, B.V.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, who was former scientific advisor to Health Canada, and is author of "Rotten to the Core" will give a presentation entitled "Public Health or Corporate Interests?"

During what promises to be an historic conference, pediatrician Bob Sears, M.D. offers an alternative schedule for use of 16 U.S. government recommended vaccines and will debate pediatrician Lawrence Palevsky, M.D., who presents an alternative view of how to maintain health and prevent chronic illness. Holistic health pioneers Joe Mercola, DO and Gary Null, PhD will talk about how good nutrition and understanding how to make healthy life choices is the key to staying well, while holistic veterinarian and immunologist, Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, will teach the audience about how good nutrition and homeopathy can keep pets well and Life University Professor Matthew McCoy, DC, MPH will give a chiropractic perspective on informed consent to vaccination.

"Will the Law Protect Health Freedom?" is the question that constitutional and federal law experts, along with leading medical privacy and health freedom advocates will discuss. Vaccine injury and product liability law will be the topic explored by attorneys, who have won vaccine injury cases in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and also have expertise in vaccine contamination and use of experimental vaccines in soldiers. Longtime vaccine choice lobbyists like PROVE President Dawn Richardson will join longtime autism activists M.I.N.D. Institute co-founder Rick Rollens and Unlocking Autism President Shelley Reynolds and others to help parents organize to educate legislators and protect the right to make informed vaccine choices.

During the past few years, there have been calls for elimination or severe restrictions of vaccine exemptions by doctors with ties to the vaccine industry and by government health officials seeking a 100 percent vaccination rate with all government recommended and mandated vaccines. NVIC has long taken a public stand for the basic human right to protect bodily integrity and the October conference provides a public forum not only for those, who want the freedom to make voluntary choices about using pharmaceutical products and medical interventions that carry known and unknown risks, but also for scientists, doctors, journalists and health safety advocates to present information and defend their right and responsibility to investigate and speak about improving vaccine science and policies to protect individual and public health.

The conference is supported by an educational grant from the Albert and Claire Dwoskin Family Foundation, which has made it possible for NVIC to keep the registration fee for those registering by August 30 at $195 for the three day, three night conference featuring top speakers from around the world. There is a low $95 per night hotel rate, which is unheard of in the Washington, D.C. area for a fine hotel like the Hyatt Regency. Meeting and hotel room space is limited in the only hotel in the village of Reston. Conference registration and hotel room reservation is on a first come, first serve basis. For more information about speakers, sponsorship opportunities and registration, go to www.NVIC.org


John H said...

A total sales pitch and con job, listen...


...you got to love the end of this sales pitch... "we have to trust big pharma and big government..."

...or it will be the end of civilization as we new it.

John H said...

World population reduction a hoax?

Not to these billionaires. They're meeting to put their resources toward that goal.

You know the Rockefeller family owns most of the big vaccine manufacturing companies.

So, I ask these people (DOCTORS) who stand behind vaccines... Why would you EVER expect vaccine benefits to EVER out weigh the risks when the people who own the very companies that make these vaccines want to kill 85% + of the worlds population and go to meeting like the one in the article above to figure out how to do it?

...or how they'll split the booty when we've all been put 6 feet under.

John H said...

Big media, Big Pharma and Big Pediatrics are Whooping up Whooping Cough AGAIN.

Read Barbara's book 'DTP: A Shot In The Dark' for more DTP info. NOT OUT DATED!

By the way Barbara, the DTaP shots ALSO causes seizures in kids as well, even BEFORE the second and third rounds. Source:Sanofi Pasteur. I'm sure you already know that.

Here we go again, the BIG three are back from their 'flu' scare and have started jumping up and down scaring a (for the most part) uneducated U.S. population that only vaccines can prevent pertussis.


Australia got their 'scare' last year now, it's our turn, and the spin propellers are already coming off the disinfo ship.

As usual, the Pertussis virus rise is ALL the fault of those pesky people who just refuse to take the PROVEN NEURO-TOXIC DPaT / DT vaccines.

It's sad we live in a day and age where fact is fiction and pure lies are sold by the very established professions we are suppose to trust. Afterwards, we have to then deal with the people in our lives who believe the lies.

Lie #1 Pertussis is preventable with the DPaT / DT vaccines. The DPaT / DT shot has a 95% success rate.

When a doctor try's this line on me I ask him / her... How can that data be proven accurate when pertusiss in the U.S. declined after the general popualtion had trash / sewage removal and somewhat clean potable water BEFORE THE DTP vaccine was largely used? How does your data PROVE it's the living conditions in the U.S. and NOT the vaccines that have prevented Pertusiss by 95%?

The above is a FACT doctors have a hard time arguing for 2 reasons.

FACT: #1 Pertusiss does NOT just 'happen' (in a given population) by God's grace. #2, Pertusiss does NOT happen because of a 'lack' of vaccines in a given population. The establishment try's to sell this unscientific nonsense to the public. Living conditions play a MAJOR roll in the 'CREATION' and 'SPREAD' of Pertusis, and if there was ANY truth to the 95% success rate of the DPT, DPaT or DT vaccines it would be 'proven' in populations where populations are the hardest hit by pertusiss DUE TO LIVING CONDITIONS.

Ever wonder why the BIG three; mainstream media,big pharma and big pediatrics ALWAYS gives U.S. stats on vaccine 'effectiveness' and NEVER the effectiveness of them in third world countries, where the data and the claims made there of would have more validity? You should also ask yourself why does the establishment ALWAYS paint themselves as 'heros' for spending billions on vaccines for peoples of third word and NOT a penny on trash / sewage removal and clean potable water? Never mind getting the people non GMO good nutritious foods.

For all the billions spent on vaccines to supposedly 'wipe out' the various diseases they claim to "prevent" in third world countries you not only have JUST AS MUCH DISEASE they now have autism and a laundry list of auto-immune disorders at levels NEVER seen before the vaccine programs arrived!!

The Bottom line is that the DPT, DPaT / DT does NOT have a 95% success rate in countries that it would benefit the most NO MATTER WHAT YOUR DOCTOR TRY'S AND SELLS YOU...

for the rest of the story and FACTS go to my blogsite by clicking on my name.

richard_d_lee@hotmail.com said...

NVIC is a wonderfully new (to me) opportunity to learn more about the secret agendas of science and politics. Your blogs have revealed much to me I've never heard before. Thanks!

Had I read your blogs earlier I would have changed my "blind" blogs about swine flu.

Bitterlin said...

Dear Barbara,
Thanks a lot for your courageous fight and you contribution to the search of truth.
Jean Bitterlin

Rebeca said...

an international team of researchers has uncovered a single-letter change in the genetic code that is associated with autism. The finding, published in the October 8 issue of the journal Nature, implicates a neuronal gene not previously tied to the disorder and more broadly, underscores a role for common DNA variation.