Doctor-Heroes Standing For Better Vaccine Science

by Barbara Loe Fisher

The cry that was heard around the world in the early 1980's, when mothers and fathers realized an old, crude pertussis vaccine was killing and damaging the brains of their children, is being echoed today by new generations of parents struggling to raise vaccine injured children. As in the 1980's, mothers and fathers today are forced to watch doctors hold the needles, pull the trigger and then turn their faces away when children are cut down at the beginning of their lives.

Over the decades, we have seen a handful of doctors demonstrate intellectual honesty and rare courage by standing up publicly to acknowledge that vaccine injuries and deaths are real and that more scientific research is needed to fill the gaps in knowledge about why and how vaccines cause harm. Despite criticism and even threats from colleagues to remain silent, these doctor-heroes have chosen commitment to good science and respect for human life to take precedence over protection of the status quo.

On April 3, 2009 on CNN's "Larry King Live," the only woman to have served as director of the National Institute for Health, Bernadine Healy, M.D., firmly countered allegations that scientific research into the vaccine-autism connection should be ended because science has proven "vaccines do not cause autism." Politely disagreeing with Margaret Fisher, M.D., a pediatrician spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and pediatric neurologist Max Wiznitzer, M.D., who testified against compensation for vaccine injured autistic children in the U.S. Court of Claims, Healy said "I really don't believe that this is a closed case from a research point of view."

She said that doctors must "listen to the families of these [autistic] children" because when doctors "listen to the patients the patients will teach." She added that there is an "embarrassing recognition that we know so little about [autism] in terms of what causes it, in terms of how to treat it" and she called for a "comparison of children who have and have not been vaccinated."

As I watched Bernadine Healy, M.D., mother of three, former director of the Red Cross and member of the Institute of Medicine, eloquently argue for good science, common sense, compassion, and cooperation, I remembered the brave physicians in decades past who chose to speak out at critical moments in the history of the vaccine safety and informed consent movement. They include physicians no longer with us such as the late pediatrician Robert Mendelson, M.D.; pediatrician and immunologist Kevin Geraghty, M.D.; and pediatric neurologist John Menkes, M.D., and those still working to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths such as pediatric neurologist Marcel Kinsbourne, M.D., pediatrician Bob Sears, M.D., pediatrician Larry Palevsky, M.D., pediatrician Jay Gordon, M.D., family practice physician Joseph Mercola, D.O., gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, M.D., and others like pediatrician Jerry Kartzinel, M.D., who appeared on Friday's Larry King Live show with father and actor Jim Carrey; mother, actress and autism activist Jenny McCarthy; and father and Generation Rescue founder JB Handley, to shine a bright light on vaccine associated regressive autism.

In every generation there are heroes in positions of power, who listen to their conscience and demonstrate uncommon courage by refusing to look the other way while people are being harmed. They are different from the rest because they engage in critical, independent thinking and are not afraid to do the right thing.

On Friday night, Dr. Bernadine Healy single handedly re-instilled faith in many parents that the time honored Hippocratic oath for physicians to "First, Do No Harm" is still alive and embraced by compassionate, enlightened doctors like her. Undoubtedly, there are more doctors wanting to do the right thing when it comes to standing up, speaking out and taking action to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths. When they do, they will join the distinguished ranks of physician heroes who will be remembered and honored for caring about children for whom the risks of vaccination are 100 percent.

Go to S/0904/03/lkl.01.html to read the CNN transcript of the April 3 "Larry King Live" show, which includes the following quotes:

"I made a deal with God, the day Evan was diagnosed with autism, I said if you show me the way, God, and show me how to heal my boy, I will continue to teach the world how I did it. And within one year of that kind of conversation with God, Evan was undiagnosed with autism.....autism is treatable and preventable." - Jenny McCarthy

"The AAP is financed by the drug companies.... This is a huge business. Vaccines are the largest growing division of the pharmaceutical industry: $13 billion. What we're asking is for them to take a loss for the good of our children." - Jim Carrey

"The American Academy of Pediatrics listens very closely before a vaccine is recommended for use. It goes through extensive trials. It goes through extensive information. All of that information is reviewed very quickly. It's both efficacy and safety information. There's never a rubber stamp. We work very closely before, while the vaccine is being tested to see if it works, it is safe? And only if it's been determined to be safe and effective is it recommended for use. It's not a rubber stamp." - Margaret Fisher, M.D.

"When I was training in medical school I saw one child with autism and they said, Dr. Kartzinel, now, come look quick, here's a child with autism and you'll never see it was very rare....I was just doing general pediatrics and after my son regressed after the mumps, measles and rubella and my wife said, you broke them now you fix them, that's when I started saying, OK, what can I do?" - Jerry Kartzinel, M.D.

"It's going to be shocking for parents to learn that the CDC and AAP don't actually acknowledge that there's been a real rise in autism cases....the Department of Education in 1992 said 16,000 kids were getting autism services. Today - 225,000. That means in 1992 they were missing 93 percent of kids with autism. Where are all the adults with autism? They don't exist. These numbers are real. But if you never acknowledge there's been a real rise, you don't have to find an environmental agent that caused it." - JB Handley

"Initially the complaint was Mercury. That was disproven. Then the complaint was MMR. That was disproven. Now we've got a new moving target, which is that the combined vaccines all together that do this. We can only spend our research money so far before we basically say, let's put it where we know for sure we can help, and not just on speculative ideas. Studies have been done .... and they've shown that issues such as diagnostic substitution, which means they had previous diagnosis, that we have loosening of the diagnostic criteria.... When you change the rules of how you make diagnosis, and that to some degree has happened, people are loosening up. Kids with social issues are being labeled as autistic. The majority -- I think we can account for at least 80 percent of the increased prevalence with those numbers." - Max Wiznitzer, M.D.


Elena said...

Perhaps, instead of researching why and how vaccines cause harm and spending more money, the money should be taken and invested into educating the public about benefits of a healthy life-style that will ensure there would be no diseases to vaccinate against--real, human-caused or imaginary.

Anonymous said...

I was so angry when Witzner made that comment that the mercury-autism connection had been disproven. I wanted to whip out the dozens of articles in medical journals that I have that show a causal connection between the two. Also, thimerosal is still in the Hepatitis B and Influenza vaccinations, and in the vaccines that they changed the ingredient in, it was switched to Aluminum, which is also a heavy neurotoxic metal like aluminum. Who do they think they are fooling???

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Jess said...

Thanks for this post - very useful and refreshing. Just found your blog - its great thanks.


Robin Nemeth said...

Dr. Healy did a fine job on Larry King. However, there is one mistake that she made, a while back, when she was being interviewed by Don Imus. The interview can still be found on Autism Speaks website. In the interview, both Mr. Imus and Dr. Healy tell listeners that thimerosal has been removed from childhood vaccines. This is NOT true. There is still toxic levels (twenty five micrograms) in flu shots that are now given to babies, children, pregnant women. This can be seen simply by looking at the FDA’s website titled ‘Thimerosal in Vaccines’, table 1.


I’ve written Dr. Healy twice to inform her of this. Don’t you think that, given the concern of so many about thimerosal, given the promises, so long ago, from the public health officials and the vaccine makers, that this is a very dangerous misstatement of the facts? And given that so many keep on saying that “oh the mercury was removed but the rates keep on going up”, when, in fact, the mercury HASN’T been removed?

Dr. Healy is being honored at the Autism Speaks sponsored Rock Til it Stops benefit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this April 25 in Cleveland. I’ve asked her to please clarify this fact—to please tell those present that there is still thimerosal, toxic levels of thimerosal, in flu vaccines. In addition to Dr. Healy, WKYC health reporter and noon anchor Monica Robins will be honored. I wrote Ms. Robins last fall, asking her if she could please do a story about autism and vaccines. She sent me back and email saying she has (not just on autism, but specifically on autism and vaccines), and yet, when I look through WKYC archives I find nothing. I emailed her asking her what stories she has done—where and when they were published or aired. I heard back nothing.

It seems to me that, at least here in the Cleveland area, nothing much has changed in recent years. There is still no effort made by either the autism support organizations or the media to raise public awareness of vaccine damage.

Kathleen Heltsley said...

Barbara, you may not be a physician, but you are definitely on my HERO list. Thank you for giving a voice to our silent children. Or should I say our silenced children? You champion our cause for our children and give strength on days when one wants to give up. I cannot begin to tell you how important it was for me to find you, a reasonable person, stating that the connection could be real. I am a mother in a small town. When vaccine injury affected my family, I felt I was alone, and it wasn't long after being told I was crazy, that I didn't "see" what I "saw", and vaccines are safe...and then came people like you. You gave me courage to stand against the multitudes and protect my child from further damage. It's people like you that give me strength to continue the argument even though I am still looked at funny and am now considered the "weird" person. LOL, I wear that title like a badge of honor. When one realizes they are not alone...there is an incredible strength that comes with that knowledge. You are a hero to me and my family.
Kathleen Heltsley
Mom to Emma and Ellis

Sarah Collins Honenberger said...

Please tell the parents you meet that this story is an old one and inspiration can come from reading my book inspired by one very real mother who fought for the truth after years of denial by the government and the medical establishment. WHITE LIES, which you read in December, needs to be used as an easy accessible way to show parents that you can stand up to the vaccine bullies if you band together. More at

stan said...

Another very good blog, Barbara; thanks. And I echo Kathleen in adding your name to the list of Heroes in this vaccine-damage matter. After you and Dr Harris l Coulter got together the book 'DPT: A Shot in the Dark' in 1985, you could have gotten on with your family life, and left this war to other, upcoming parents. But you stayed in there, beautifully. I hope you will see the day when the federal govt's response to this issue is altered, not to let the industry off the hook. In the meantime: Keep on keeping on.

With much appreciation.


Victoria said...

Great blog! My sister's son had a scary reaction to his 4 month shots, which is causing me to do more research on the topic for my 8 month old.

I'm passing this on to her!

J. Ruth Kelly said...

This is a wonderful post! I love all the quotes and especially the clip from Dr. Healy. The articulation here is so important. Your blog is one of my regulars. Keep your voice strong...

REA- MRSA infection said...

Thanks for sharing this pot. It is really an eye opener. I have a daughter and up to now it is still an ongoing issue if she should continue with her vaccines. Your post sure helps.

John H said...


I'm sorry this is off topic form this very very important information you presented here.

As you know, I have been warning you and your great readers about the up coming manmade pandemic and the 'forced vaccinations' to follow for quite some time.

I appreciate your kindness to read my letters.

I was at a major Club of Rome symposium where they (our leaders, leaders) discussed the 'best' way to kill 85% of us. This was in 1988 and I have watched each step towards their goal executed flawlessly since. They made it clear as a bell that death by vaccine is and will be the weapon and vehicle of choice for this holiest of holy grails of theirs. World population reduction.

You have posted my writings where I have given the names of legislation where such a population reduction plan can be implemented disguised as an 'emergency preparedness plan'. Did you ever wonder why so much nonsensical legislation has been execrating at light speed ever since Bush was leaving and Obama took over? Do you think it's JUST a coincidence that these pandemic scares are coming right on the heels of a global financial collapse? They feel all pieces must be in place when it's time to pull the plug on all of us., and 'they' are very close.

As you know I gave you information on vaccine manufacturer Baxter putting weaponized H5N1 and recombining it with H5N3 in flu shot vaccines. The people who have been following up on this have no idea if the avian flu vaccines Homeland Security has stock piled for the population carry the weaponized H5N1. As it turns out the Globalists in Europe awarded Baxter the outstanding contract (with the EU) for the 'AVAIN FLU' VACCINE!!!!

This Mexican / global Swine Flu outbreak, I believe, is the first wave of what will probably be a three wave manmade pandemic or it's a trial run for the first wave at minimum. I'm getting direct reports from Mexico that the swine flu situation in Mexico is being both hyped and whitewashed all at the same time. El presidente is saying... "Hey don't worry...we have your shot." Their is NO shot for this (for the general public anyway) no matter what El presidente and his or our main stream media is putting out because this flu strain has been weaponized. Listen to Dr. Bill Deagle for a scientific explanation of this.

The second wave, I believe, will effect the U.S.A. I believe this will be used to train the public to trust this pro-population reduction government that they must get vaccinated. Looking back at the Baxter situation, these 'fear factored' mandated vaccines will most likely deliver the first strain of the pandemic. The initial vaccines will appear to have 'saved' people from certain death of the second wave of pandemics. However, the strain will be in an incubation state until a certain time passes. Then will come the third wave...

The third wave of the man made pandemic will be the final wave. The final solution? This will be the big one. The government WILL force not only vaccines but a chip as well. The third wave vaccine will recombine with the second and then, Say La Vie. Denver can finally get some use out of that mass crematorium their then governor was bragging about in the defunct Rocky Mountain News.

It's been reported that the Baxter weaponized version of the Avian Flu has a 60% kill rate. The 1918 Spanish Flu (originated from a weaponized vaccine) ONLY had a 7% to 8% kill rate. That's because the 'Spanish Flu' regenerated back into a non-lethal strain. That will NOT happen this time. The reasons for this was discussed in full in 1988 at this symposium. They called it 'genetically altered' engineered viruses. These weaponized super viruses will not mutate harmless or run their course. This is why the weaponized avian flu Baxter's got their hands on has a 60% kill rate.

Let their be no mistake, when the government starts forcing people at gun point to take Baxter's vaccines, this recombination will in fact be the mother of all pandemics. It will even eclipse the black death of the 13th century.

Your protection is going to be self preparedness. Stored food. Water purification. Depending on where you are located you may have to be armed, because this will shut the grid down and rioting will ensue. You will have to quarantine yourself to your home. Avoid Military search and seizure. (good luck there) Most importantly you need to have wellness products like nutraceuticals on hand to detox your immune system.

Take care Barbara educate as many as you can because we are all running out of time before this gets going, and for what it's worth, many of the people knowingly helping this come to fruition are themselves in grave danger. I know this to be fact, because these oligarchs got quite a laugh out of it.

John H said...


It's a wonder how Margaret Fisher sleeps at night. I guess money can buy just about anything.

Margaret Fisher is right about one thing. The AAP doesn't need to "rubber stamp" for big pharma. The AAP is the dope pusher for big pharma, because the AAP 'IS' a front for big pharma. It's the FDA / CDC and WHO which do the actual rubber stamping, because they are ALSO fronts for big pharma. Just as big pharma is a front for the trans human / eugenicists who primarily own those companies.

As a matter of fact the AAP budget wouldn't exist if it wasn't for very 'generous' contributions from big pharma that the AAP refuses to disclose. Big pharma paid for and built AAP's very headquarters.

However, every 'front company' has well meaning people working within them along side the rotten apples.

I would like to add Dr. Rebbeca Carley to your list of Hero-doctors. I can't think of any doctor the establishment went after harder than Dr. Rebbeca Carley.

The second reason I wish to bring up Dr. Carly has to do with mercury in the vaccines. I agree (from my research) with Carley's work that the mercury issue is a red herring. Yes, mercury does do damage to neurons (over and over) no question. However, fluoride and aluminum, for example can produce the same results on cells as mercury. It just does it differently.

Here's the most interesting point. Dr. Carley and other medical professionals have been trying to get their colleagues to actually READ their book of internal medicine. The causes of autism is ACTUALLY in the book EVERY medical student world wide uses!!! The book just doesn't call the exact same diagnosis by the name 'Autism'.

The Medical Industrial Complex knows exactly what causes autism, just as some good doctors know why. It caused by the vaccines from an auto immune response.

Go to Dr. Carley's web site
...and scroll down to the MP3 link... Dr. Carley vs Jamaican Ministry of Health on Compulsory Vaccines -

If you click on that and listen to the audio file (about halfway through) she gives not only a scientific explanation of the auto-immune response from the vaccines which causes the autism spectrum, but also she gives the exact page number from the book of internal medicine which also explains vaccine auto-immune autism.

Hidden in plain site.

John H said...

The globalist agenda to force vaccinate Americans is moving at full speed...

Time Magazine Preps Americans For Mandatory Vaccinations.

Says public should “trust” government when it institutes draconian measures to deal with pandemic. (Yeah, the same government that's handing out America's pension funds to off shore bankers.)

We have to warn everyone these mandatory vaccines will be an even bigger and more deadly mistake than the 1970's swine flu vaccine deaths.

For the past several years 'mass vaccination drills' have been going on like the one linked below all across the country.

The goal is to have response teams trained to force and mass vaccinate the public when the man made pandemics are released.

Like now.

All we have to do as a people as a civilization is just say no to this mass vaccination plot and we together will save countless lives.

John H said...


Evidence that NOVARAX/CDC created Swine pandemic

"Dr James Robertson believe it is OK to prime populations worldwide by releasing viruses he and his colleagues are creating in advance of a pandemic."

...of course these creatures think this!

Dr Horowitz sure did his homework on this one. Thank God for those who shine a light into the darkness!