Vaccine Studies: Under the Influence of Pharma

by Barbara Loe Fisher

If you take more than a casual look at the way the mass vaccination system in the U.S. works, you see that pharmaceutical companies marketing vaccines have a lot of clout. It was the pharmaceutical industry that told Congress in 1982 that they were going to leave the nation without vaccines if they didn't get liability protection but have opposed making it less difficult for vaccine victims to obtain federal compensation in the U.S. Court of Claims under a 1986 law that gave them liability protection. It is Pharma lobbyists, who bully the FDA into fast tracking vaccines like Gardasil and who sit at the CDC's policymaking tables urging that new vaccines be recommended for use by all children so they can persuade state legislators to mandate vaccines like influenza vaccine.

Today, a study published in the British Medical Journal reveals the clout that Big Pharma has in the world of medicine journal publishing, specifically the publishing of scientific articles about vaccines. In a Cochrane Collaboration review and analysis of published influenza vaccine studies conducted by Tom Jefferson, M.D., Ph.D. and his colleagues, they found that influenza vaccine studies sponsored by industry are treated more favorably by medical journals even when the studies are of poor quality.

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Jefferson's analysis confirms that drug companies marketing vaccines have a major influence on what gets published and is said about vaccines in medical journals. It is no wonder that there are almost no studies published in the medical literature that call into question vaccine safety. The preferential treatment of Pharma-funded studies also explains why the risks of an inappropriately fast-tracked vaccine like Gardasil are underplayed in the medical literature and why a physician like Andrew Wakefield, M.D., who dared to publish a study in 1998 in a medical journal (The Lancet) calling for more scientific investigation into the possible link between MMR vaccine and regressive autism, has been mercilessly persecuted for more than a decade by both Pharma-funded special interest groups as well as public health officials maintaining close relationships with vaccine manufacturers.

Jefferson and his colleagues identified and assessed 274 published studies on influenza vaccines for their methodological quality and found no relationship between study quality, publication in prestige journals or their subsequent citation in other articles. They also found that most influenza vaccine studies are of poor quality but those with conclusions favorable to influenza vaccinations are of significantly lower methodological quality. The single most important factor determining where the studies were published or how much they were cited was sponsorship, with those partially or wholly funded by the pharmaceutical industry having higher visibility.

Dr. Jefferson commented, "The study shows that one of the levers for accessing prestige journals is the financial size of your sponsor. Pharma sponsors order many reprints of studies supporting their products, often with in house translations into many languages. They also purchase advertising space in the journal. Many publishers openly advertise these services on their website. It is time journals made a full disclosure of their sources of funding.

Earlier this week the National Vaccine Information Center ( called on the Obama Administration and Congress to investigate Gardasil vaccine risks. NVIC has long questioned the inappropriate influence of vaccine manufacturers in federal vaccine licensing and policymaking and state vaccine mandates. In 2006, Merck's Gardasil vaccine was fast tracked by the FDA at Merck's request and in 2007 Merck lobbyists mounted an aggressive lobbying campaign to get Gardasil mandated by state legislators for all sixth grade girls, which would have assured the big drug company a predictable market.

The Pharma lobbying effort in 2007 to get all states to mandate Gardasil failed but every other vaccine produced by drug companies and licensed by the FDA in the past quarter century has been mandated. Those new mandates were added to state vaccine laws by legislators and public health officials at the urging of vaccine manufacturer lobbyists and Pharma funded organizations touting vaccine studies published in the medical literature.

In the past three decades, the numbers of doses of government recommended vaccines for children and medical organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics has tripled to 69 doses of 16 vaccines, with 48 doses of 14 vaccines targeted to children under age six. Pharma lobbyists have persuaded most states to pass laws requiring two to three dozen doses of most of the 16 government recommended vaccines. Last year New Jersey became the first state to mandate influenza vaccine for children attending daycare and school.

In the past few years, Dr. Jefferson has authored several independent reviews of influenza studies published in the medical literature for the Cochrane Collaboration, which have been published in the British Medical Journal, questioning the quality of published scientific evidence for influenza vaccine effectiveness and safety for the elderly as well as children.

Clearly, if the makers and marketers of vaccines can influence the quality and quantity of the scientific evidence published in the medical literature proving that vaccines are safe and effective - evidence that is used by states to mandate vaccines and by the U.S. Court of Claims to deny compensation to vaccine injured children - then Congress was wrong in 1986 to protect the makers and marketers of vaccines from liability for injuries and deaths caused by those vaccines.

Government vaccine recommendations, U.S. Court of Claims vaccine injury compensation awards and state vaccine mandates are justified on the strength of scientific published in medical journals. It is time for medical journals to disclose all financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. It is time for studies questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines to receive a fair hearing in scientific journals rather than editors confining themselves to primarily publishing studies funded by the pharmaceutical industry maintaining that every vaccine is totally safe, effective and necessary.

Kudos to the British Medical Journal for having the integrity to publish Jefferson's comprehensive analysis of pharmaceutical money influence on vaccine studies published in the medical literature. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for the scientific community, Congress and the public to put an end to the undue influence the pharmaceutical industry has on the science and policy of mass vaccination in the U.S..


Relation of study quality, concordance, take home message, funding, and impact in studies of influenza vaccines: systematic review

T Jefferson, coordinator, C Di Pietrantonj, statistician, M G Debalini, researcher, A Rivetti, researcher , V Demicheli, director of health, Piemonte region

Cochrane Vaccines Field, ASL(Azienda Sanitaria Locale) AL 20,15100 Alessandria, Italy
Correspondence to: T Jefferson
Cite this as: BMJ 2009;338:b354 doi:10.1136/bmj.b354


Objective To explore the relation between study concordance, take home message, funding, and dissemination of comparative studies assessing the effects of influenza vaccines.

Design Systematic review without meta-analysis.

Data extraction Search of the Cochrane Library, PubMed, Embase, and the web, without language restriction, for any studies comparing the effects of influenza vaccines against placebo or no intervention. Abstraction and assessment of quality of methods were carried out.

Data synthesis We identified 259 primary studies (274 datasets). Higher quality studies were significantly more likely to show concordance between data presented and conclusions (odds ratio 16.35, 95% confidence interval 4.24 to 63.04) and less likely to favour effectiveness of vaccines (0.04, 0.02 to 0.09). Government funded studies were less likely to have conclusions favouring the vaccines (0.45, 0.26 to 0.90). A higher mean journal impact factor was associated with complete or partial industry funding compared with government or private funding and no funding (differences betweenmeans5.04). Study sizewas not associated with concordance, content of take home message, funding, and study quality. Higher citation index factor was associated with partial or complete industry funding. This was sensitive to the exclusion from the analysis of studies with undeclared funding.

Conclusion Publication in prestigious journals is associated with partial or total industry funding, and this association is not explained by study quality or size.


Anonymous said...


You know I have been trying to warn yourself and your readers of the up coming forced vaccines based off a MAN MADE pandemic brought on by the vaccines themselves.

Freaked out, (and rightly so.) government officals have over the years been coming forward with the type of information FACTS I am going to share with you.

An Indiana county municipal official reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago.

The feds (which is known PUBLICLY to be run by private off shore banks) are getting your local governments ready for forced vaccines and mass graves to follow.

These ARE NOT BASELESS THEORIES! All you have to do is READ THOUSANDS OF DOCUMENTS available from foundations run by the Rockerfeller, Prince Phillips trans humanist organizations, just to mention a few. Then dovetail all of that, with ALL the legislation such as HR645 / REX 84 calling for mass population detainment camps and it becomes all TOO CLEAR the eugenicist plan to CULL THE POPULATION is being implemented.

individuals such as University professor Dr.Pianka get 'STANDING OVATIONS' at lecturers calling for 90% of worlds populations to be reduced. So, who is giving this great applause for OUR demise? Folks who work in the vaccine / bio weapons labs. That has been DOCUMENTED.

This film ENDGAME is very well sourced and needs to be watched and UNDERSTOOD by all.

If we hear in the U.S. don't wake up to the seriousness of this we will fall into the same historic trap the gentleman who wrote..."when they came for the Jews I said nothing..." fell into.

We are NOT exempt from REPEATING history.

Anonymous said...


I got so focused exposing the evil I forgot to mention the bright spot in all this.

There are 20 states SERIOUSLY pushing to secede if the federal government tries to pull forced vaccines, mass round up quarantines and gun confiscation...

So, your readers may or may not be aware of what I wrote about concerning the forced vaccines and then some, HOWEVER there are people in government who DO KNOW what I wrote about and do NOT plan on going along NO MATTER how bad the so-called crisis will be perceived.

The legislation for states to break from the feds is based off the 10th amendment.

Anonymous said...

'THE LONE GUNMAN' Dr Andrew Wakefield.

It seems Rupert Murdock and his buddies at big pharma who pay the big bucks to run ads in his media outlets are at it again. Trying to paint this picture that Dr. Andrew Wakefield is some sort of 'lone gunman' / rouge doctor. One has to muddle through this joke of an article to get to 'THE REAL' crime Dr. Wakefield committed... "bring the medical profession into disrepute." His accusers words NOT mine.

God forbid the Medical Industrial complex would EVER be disputed! Think of the loss of revenue! Specially over it's holiest of holy grails, vaccines.

Mercury in vaccines, at ANY LEVEL, having VERY adverse effects on brain tissue (just for starters) is very well researched going as far back as the turn of the LAST century.

Nobel Prize winner Bertrand Russell, a virtual mouth piece for the VERY ESTABLISHMENT THAT OWNS THE VACCINE FACTORIES, talked a great deal about mercury and 'OTHER' substances being put into vaccines. IT IS ACADEMIC, NOT THEORY, that mercury in vaccines can produce a "PARTIAL CHEMICAL LOBOTOMY" (Depending on the amount of mercury administered.) just as discussed by Russel himself.

Why would the loving individuals who OWN big pharma do this? Well, you will actually have to get up off your duff, turn off that screen that assures you your vaccines are 'safe and effective', go to something called a 'LIBRARY' check out the book named and referenced below for that answer. You DON"T have to 'believe' anything JUST READ.

"The Impact of Science on Society" by Bertrand Russell, 1953, pg 49-50.

Unfortunately even for today's doctors, research IS NOT entertaining enough. That's why today, 'ACTORS' can sell off-the chart-dangerous vaccines like Gardasil and when the poor victim's try and tell these quacks the "VACCINE IS KILLING THEM" the so-called doctor insists they keep taking the other rounds.

Mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with this court case that found vaccines do not cause autism? How do the know? Who did the study? I'm pretty sure it was biased!!!!!

Anonymous said...


The establishment pushing vaccines
(the medical industrial complex) which actually writes legislation for government, which IS illegal by the way, had to showcase an autism court case that lost. The mainstream media will NEVER show the number of court cases lost by big pharma and REAL money awarded over the vaccine autism issue. Until the masses wake up to being used as lab rats we will never know the extent of the damage these vaccines are doing and are poised to do.

Dr O'Shea,


summed up the vaccine racket correctly when he said... "the 1 billion dollars vaccine manufactures recoup every time a new vaccine is 'approved' for the market is nothing when compared to the billions of dollars the medical industrial complex will make by making people at a very young age 'DEPENDENT' on the very institutions pushing the dangerous vaccines."

For those with REAL vaccination concerns please read...
'The sanctity Of Human Blood'
'Vaccination I$ NOT immunization.'

There ARE scientifically proven methods to defeat disease WITHOUT dangerous vaccines.

Imagine the profit loss to the Medical Industrial Complex!

Anonymous said...

Vaccine Blunders...

No drugs get the red carpet treatment that vaccines get. That alone should make the most naive suspicious.

After getting her over load of vaccines this 17 year old girl got a chemical lobotomy to go with it. Of course her parents did NOT win the court case. "NOT ENOUGH RESEARCH HAS BEEN CONDUCTED ON THESE VACCINES TO DETERMINE WHAT TYPES OF DAMAGE THEY ARE CAPABLE OF DOING". The courts verdict NOT MY WORDS!!!

Basically the courts in the U.K. have admitted they (the government that MANDATES these dangerous vaccines) have no clue what harm they could do and that YOU THE TRUSTING PUBLIC and your children are genie pigs whether you want to face it or not.

Anonymous said...

I heard you on the Alex Jones program earlier today and just wanted to thank you in waking me up to the dangers of vaccines. I will be learning more in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

You were absolutely great on the Alex Jones show today! Can't wait until you come back!

Anonymous said...

Barbara I wanted to share this with you...

From the historic records of the city of Portland, OR.

On January 2, 1895, the first Bull Run water flowed to Portland. The Portland Hotel's menu boasted that it served only Bull Run water to diners in its elegant restaurant. Within two years the City's health officer documented a phenomenal decrease in the number of cases of typhoid fever and the lowest death rate on record at the time.


The Medical Industrial Complex knew that 'MODERN' sanation and PROPER water works would eliminate most disease. Yet vaccines took all the credit.

I am going to be working on a project with people in the medical and scientific communities that are fully aware of the vaccine fraud. The data from this project, I believe, will prove that IF America goes into a full blown economic crisis and loses it's abiliy to maintain public works the vaccine programs will actually cause disease to explode.

However, let's not forget all the cancer, autism and 'old person's diseses like 'parkinson's' (just to name a but a few) that have ALREADY exploded on kids since the M.I.C. started mandating so many of these deadly vaccines.

Aspiegirl44 said...

Thanks for your info. I have autism. Saw you on YouTube Alex Jones channel. My art to share with you:



Anonymous said...

First, I want to thank you Barabara for dedicating your time and energy into researching and educating so many about the under-rated harm of vaccinations. As a wellness chiropractor, I use and quote your work frequently to frustrated and confused parents and patients.

I read a recent article about the "accidental" contamination of Baxter's vaccination with LIVE BIRD FLU VIRUS. What better way to wipe out a portion of the population than to spread the bird flu through MANDATED vaccinations of every man, woman, and child ... of course unless they run low then it is okay to pass and allow the already weak and sick to get it first - because they are easier to kill off than the educated, strong, and healthy.

I apologize if I seem blunt and angry about this - but frankly - I am. I just dont understand how our world has become so corrupt that medical physicians and government agents are so much in bed together that they can convince and harass so many people to get vaccinated. What happened to this being a FREE country?

My fiance received a letter from his insurance company that they had missed a vaccine and need to get in to have their 9 month old baby poked with more needles - and attached a lovely sheet of the vaccination schedule so you can stay up to date. If a letter is not enough, THEY CALL YOU. What great use of tax payers money ...

As a mother, if you take your child in for a check-up ... you practically get cornered and called a neglecting mother if you do not have your child vaccinated.

The best part is - they have made our economy COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on outside sources for "health" and "prevention". So what happens if you inject a cadaver with these "life-saving" concoctions? Are they now healthy?? NO! IT IS NOT VACCINATIONS THAT HEAL PEOPLE AND KEEP THEM HEALTHY ... IT IS THEIR INNATE, INBORN INTELLIGENCE THAT MADE THEIR FULL-FUNCTIONING HUMAN BODY OUT OF TWO TINY LITTLE CELLS.

Keep on educating and help free our world from a vaccinated, drug-dependent, sick, unhealthy society that we have become.

The power that made you, heals you. Try getting your kids adjusted - let your own immunity fight infection like it was intended to do. At least you know that the government and big pharma can't "accidentally" contaminate your chiropractic adjustment!

Anyone wanting to know more about healthier alternatives to vaccinations and drugs, visit your local WELLNESS chiropractor or post a comment at ... we'd be happy to help however we can!

Dr Lauren

Nourishing Nancy said...

Hi Barbara,
Have been following and Alex Jones for a few months now, and have full understanding of the issue involving vaccinations of our children and ourselves.

An interesting thing has been happening in our community since the Christmas vacation: several children have come down with Pertussis (Whooping Cough). All parents received both phone calls and memo on the subject advocating a full course of antibiotics be given our children REGARDLESS of the child's vaccination schedule.

In other words, even if a child has been vaccinated, we are being told to go put them on antibiotics. What they also seem to be admitting, is that vaccinations don't work!

My spider senses are tingling, Barbara, and I'm feeling that the next move is either a state/county/school mandate to force all kids to have another round of Pertussis shots (what happened to all the kids who were already vaccinated against the disease?) or this is just a false flag and we will be bamboozled into giving our children more and more vaccinations mandated to entry into school.

I wish I had never given my children vaccinations, but am now "stuck in the system". I would, however, consider homeschooling rather than bow down to this blatant lie.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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