The Great Denial of Vaccine Risks & Freedom

A man of conscience: Will he end the Great Denial of vaccine risks?

By Barbara Loe Fisher

The Great Denial of vaccine risks for the past three decades by vaccine makers, pediatricians and government officials operating the mass vaccination system is the reason why more and more parents today question and mistrust vaccine science, policy and law. When Harris Coulter and I co-authored DPT: A Shot in the Dark in 1985 exposing flaws in the mass vaccination system that allowed the highly reactive DPT vaccine to stay on the market unimproved for more than 40 years, we never imagined then that those tragic flaws in the system would remain largely intact in 2009.

I knew then that the alliance between industry, organized medicine and government was powerful. But it is only after a quarter century of witnessing the Great Denial of vaccine risks, which has produced millions of vaccine damaged children flooding special education classrooms and doctors offices, that the magnitude of that unchecked power has been fully revealed.

Thomas Jefferson, co-author of the U.S Constitution, said in 1820: "We are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it." When those in power are so afraid of the truth that they abandon reason and are willing to tolerate all kinds of errors in order to hide the truth, people suffer.

Fear of the truth was clearly in play at a Jan. 14 meeting of the Federal Interagency Autism Advisory Committee (IACC) when the Committee took a convenient "re-vote" to nullify a previous vote to use a portion of congressionally appropriated funds in the Combating Autism Act of 2006 to investigate the long reported association between vaccination and autism. Whether the "re-vote" can be blamed on a turf war between federal agencies, a Committee member who defied direction given to her by her employer, Autism Speaks, or a desperate, last minute end-run by health officials to again delay the day when the truth about vaccine risks is known, it is the people who always lose in this high stakes game of denials and delays.

Thomas Jefferson had a lot to say about power, coercion and freedom. He said "Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men; men governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons." Ask Rita Palma of New York what it means to be subjected to an inquisition about her religious beliefs by an arrogant and fallible man governed by passions and driven to harass and coerce her for private as well as public reasons. Click here and also click here to watch videos of an attorney, acting on behalf of the state of New York, as he puts Rita on the rack and browbeats her for her religious beliefs and faith in God when it comes to vaccinating her children.

Rita has been working with other parents in New York to support the addition of philosophical exemption to vaccination to New York vaccine laws to protect parents, who exercise religious exemptions, and doctors, who issue medical exemptions from harassment by state officials. A public Vaccine Education Roundtable was sponsored by New York Assemblymen Marc Alessi and Richard Gottfried on Dec. 15, 2008 at Stony Brook University to examine vaccine safety and informed consent issues.

Reason and faith, conscience and science, truth and freedom. Those who participate in the Great Denial of vaccine risks cannot tolerate an unbiased, methodologically sound scientific investigation into those risks. And they cannot tolerate the free exercise of religious belief and conscience by those, whose minds and bodies they must control in order to perpetuate the Great Denial.

In 1997, I was asked to present an argument for the moral right to conscientious belief exemption to vaccination to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee in Washington, D.C. After my 20 minute presentation, there was a several hour "discussion" where I was grilled by public health officials who alternately acknowledged the importance of the informed consent principle and called me "selfish," a "threat to the public health" and "uninformed."

The defining moment of that encounter, for me at least, came when I looked the physician architect of the CDC-led "No shots, No school" campaign in the eye and said "Whether or not I put my child's life on the line for you and your vaccines is between me and my God and not between me and you, Doctor." The way he gritted his teeth and glared at me while his face flushed bright red, spoke volumes about what the Great Denial is all about. It is about whether we, the citizens, are going to have the power to freely choose which pharmaceutical products or other medical interventions we are going to use or whether that power is going to be taken from us by doctors and public health officials.

Jacobsen v. Massachusetts is the U.S. Supreme Court decision which affirmed the constitutional right of the states to enact mandatory vaccination laws. Concerned about controlling smallpox, little did the justices at the turn of the 20th century imagine that federal officials would someday recommend 69 doses of 16 vaccines for children from 12 hours of age through age 18 or that New Jersey would mandate more than three dozen doses of 13 vaccines for children to attend school. In an insightful review of that historic 1905 Supreme Court decision, the Harvard Law Review recently examined the application of Jacobsen v. Massachusetts to vaccine laws in the 21st century.

If one citizen or group of citizens in America are allowed to force fellow citizens to risk injury or death without their voluntary, informed consent, then are Americans free in any sense of the word? When forced risk-taking involves mandated use of pharmaceutical products protected from liability in the Judicial system, which the authors of the Constitution created as a check and balance on the Executive and Legislative branches of government, then people can be easily exploited for power and profit. Unless vaccines and other pharmaceutical products are subject to the law of supply and demand so citizens can freely choose those which are necessary, safe and effective and reject those which are not, the people become nothing more than enslaved consumers of potentially dangerous products marketed by companies with no economic or legal incentive to improve those products.

And if the state can tag, track down and force individuals against their will to be injected with biologicals of unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the State can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.

As the 44th President of the United States is sworn in today in our nation's Capitol, we can only pray that he will have the intelligence, compassion and conscience to make sure that his Administration is not afraid to find out the truth about vaccine risks. With one child in six now developmentally delayed in America and no answers from government health officials as to how they got that way, our nation's future may depend on it.

The National Vaccine Information Center is prepared to stand with other parent groups representing families with vaccine injured children to call for an end to the Great Denial by those responsible for ensuring our children's health and safety.

Let freedom ring: No forced vaccination. Not in America.


Lori said...

Hi Barbara,

First, I'd like to thank you for sharing this very vital information. I am sure it will prove to be invaluable to our family in the very near future.

Do you know of any organizations that send out information packets? I'd like to receive info in the mail, in addition to reading it on-line.

Thank you,

Deb said...

I hope this new beginning for our nation will also be a new beginning for common sense healthcare in this country. Thank you, Barbara, for writing this blog. I wish I had heard your words before my son was born. I refer expectant Moms to your website for information. Some don't believe me when I tell them about their baby being immunized for HepB on their first day of life. Doctors still make parents feel like criminals for daring to refuse to immunize.

Thank you for your dedication to the many children injured by vaccines.

Deborah Ann Dugger said...

I would like to know (why) the Hospital here in Poplar Bluff , Missouri

called :Poplar Bluff Regional Hospital are giving NEWBORNS 2 shots without the ( Parents Knowledge)?

Vitamin K 1 injection & Hep B ?

Hep B (virus is sexually transmitted) I just didn't know newborns could just get up and have sex so young, wow. Merck must really be happy.

As for the Vitamin K1 - its just another scam and this (LIQUID DEATH) really needs to STOP!

Liquid Death = Bio-murder by the creation of disease, and endangering the well being of life over $$$$ !

John H said...

Deborah Ann Dugger said...

I would like to know (why) the Hospital here in Poplar Bluff , Missouri

called :Poplar Bluff Regional Hospital are giving NEWBORNS 2 shots without the ( Parents Knowledge)?

It's easy, evil does it's dirt in the shadows.

Barbara I hope people (Especially Doctors / Nurses) read and heed your words of truth because the time we now live in and are headed for is major.

Barack Hussein Obama (lightning from the sky) in NO WAY can be trusted.

One of the first things BHO did was invest VERY VERY heavily in the pharmaceutical company that has manufactured the Avain Flu vaccine WHICH WILL BE MANDATORY to take. Can you say insider trading?

I will have more information on this soon and will foreword that to you.

John H said...

I just want to mention Barbara, that it's not only children being wrecked (to put it mildly) by these dangerous modern vaccine programs but our military veterans are ALSO getting maimed and killed by our government's own 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL' vaccine TEST programs.

I have one FACT I would like to share with readers who push vaccines on this site. If vaccines should be given without question why did THE VERY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS who push vaccines on our nations children UNANIMOUSLY REJECTED TAKING the smallpox vaccine when it was THEIR TURN TAKE JUST ONE MANDATED vaccine in 2002?

They know the dangers of these vaccines. I am hearing from other Doctors that many doctors and nurses ARE REJECTING the mandatory vaccine programs for THEIR KIDS but yet tell the public's children to roll up their sleeves.

We need to turn up the heat on the medical professionals who think the law will protect them from the facts that are clear as the nose on their faces that modern vaccine programs ARE DANGEROUS.

President Obama and MANDATED FORCED vaccines...

Before the 'Wall Street' media machine whipped up a frenzy around Obama that would make Joseph Goebbels blush Mr. Obama was coined as one of the nations most corrupt politicians in America. WHY? The Vaccine Connection.

Obama was given insider trading tips on two obscure companies (LOOK THEM UP!) AVI BioPharma and Sky Terra. AVI Bio Pharma specializes in RNA-based vaccine formulas that are specific to the Avian Flu. What does this mean? The investment turned out to be a multi billion dollar bonanza for anyone who was IN THE KNOW. Why? Folks 'in the know' who invested in Bio Pharam saw THIER companies RNA-strains being sold to Rockefeller owned BIG pharma companies who got FDA 'royalty contracts' worth billions to develop human cell-based vaccines. It was Obama who was the most vocal in Congress pushing MASSIVE FEDERAL PANDEMIC FLU FUNDING BILLS that dispersed billions to...guess who? The very Avian Flu manufactures Obama had insider trading on.

Obama one of 10 most corrupt politician's list NY Times. (Ironocally NY times was one of Obama's biggest endorsers.)

Don't be so naive as to think for one moment that all these vaccines and mandatory vaccine laws collecting dust on the self ARE NOT going to be FORCED on us by the man (and his handlers) NOW in the oval office.

A question has to be asked. If an Avain Flu pandemic breaks out, did these manufactures have time machine and wanted to cash in on a pandemic that DID NOT YET HAPPEN OR will this Avian pandemic THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET be intentionally manufactured and GIVEN to the public via FORCED flu vaccines?

melting said...

Oh I love the blog. We are in the middle of fighting for my grandson. One doc gave him an exemption in 2007 to NEVER have to have another immunization. In 2008 upon his kindergarden entrance another doc at the same clinic over-rode the exemption. We were told we had 7 months to appeal it to the state health officer. In Oct '08 they called and put him out of kindergarden because he did not have his last DPT and Polio. We had his blood checked and he was immune to the MMR so that one was marked off. We have appealed to the state health officer and are waiting that reply. We pray that God will work it out HIS way. I am home-schooling him. It is a blessing as well as a JOB. Wow. Maybe the children are better off not in the government run school system. They have kicked God out of everything. I live in WV. We cannot even have a religious exemption in this state. FREEDOM in America, ha, what a joke. We have been through the grinding mill with the so called medical PROFESSION, another joke. My grandson had luekemoid reaction from vaccinations when he was less than a year and he suffered nearly a year before good health returned to him. A pediatrician hematologist told us to never let him have another vaccine. Of course we were dumb back then and did not get the records in writing. He has since left town with no way to contact the man that we can find. The local clinic cannot release to us the info he sent them without his permission.(So they say.) So to make a long story short, we feel the state health officer is probably in bed with the local clinics and doctors so we are wasting our time on the appeal. I would just like to see fairness but we all know our government system has no such thing going on. Yes, we only want freedom to choose concerning the health of our children. I could write a book on what the "system" has come up with and put us through but you already know lots of things they do wrong to us. I do pray for a miraculous way to educate the moms and dads who follow doctor orders no matter what and will not even attempt to read about the facts of vaccines. College educated people will not listen to the other side of vaccines. To sum it up, we must work harder and pray harder for this mess to be stopped. Thanks for sharing.

hat_eater said...

There was an outbreak of influenza in Minnesota. All five children affected were unvaccinated or did not finish their vaccinations. One of them, seven months old, has died.
I fear that people are taking the precautions against vaccines to the extreme and avoid them altogether and we might see the return of the infectious diseases that used to kill half the children before they reached 10 years of age.

Anonymous said...

Vaccination is the most effective public health measure in human history. We are alive and healthy today because of the effectiveness and safety of these blessings to humanity.

John H said...


I would strongly urge not only yourself but, EVERYONE in the Vaccine / Eugenics fight to order JURISDICTIONARY

$250 bucks is way way cheaper on unneeded attorney's fees. Order, learn and you WILL SEE just how easy and most importantly how EFFECTIVE YOUR OWN representation can be.

Did you know that the laws IN EVERY STATE is on YOUR SIDE in the issue of YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO CHOOSE NOT TO VACCINATE! That is IF you know how to apply the law correctly. There is even better news... applying the law is EASY! This is the reason why your corrupt corporate media and government uses COLOR OF LAW to intimidate you into FORCED vaccinations / programs. Also, since the public is getting WISER to these extortion tactics New Jersey is TRYING to break all laws by being the FIRST state to FORCE vaccinate / medicate their population. DON'T LET THEM!!

HAT EATER or should we call you MAD HATTER?

I hate to be the first person to inform you that it is NOT the 1970's or 80's any longer. The public, less and less are falling for such generic scare tactics.

I have questions, like so many other people concerning the death of the unvaccinated MN child BEFORE I simply fall for the child being unvaccinated as the CAUSE of the death.

1.) The child's medical history? This alone could be at the root of the death and in fact the influenza virus given IN THE VACCINE could have killed him / her faster.

2.) What strain or type of influenza did the child contract? Influenza types A and B can be EASILY
defeated with a HEALTHY immune system. This is a FACT vaccine pushers don't want you to know. Influenza type C IS A DEADLY VIRUS. YOU CAN NOT BE GIVEN A VACCINE FOR TYPE C INFLUENZA. Here is the kicker, if you have a HEALTHY immune system and get influenza type C you (in most cases) WILL NOT DIE. Yes, you will be hating life but, if you get to a COMPETENT doctor soon enough he / she will test and find the strain of type C you have and can defeat it with the PROPER antibiotics AND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. This FACT alone throws the whole "you NEED a flu vaccine right out the window.

Flu vaccines are notoriously filthy vaccines and for your pleasure have had the mercury levels in them increased 10 fold! Study after study after study... have CONCLUSIVELY showed just after taking three of these filthy vaccines you have GREATLY increased YOUR chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease. Otherwise known as ADULT AUTSIM. A top manager for a major vaccine manufacturer went on a world wide radio talk show and warned "NEVER" take a flu vaccine #1 because of all the toxic garbage in them and... #2 they're all being manufactured in China with NO oversight. You think the poison in the baby formula and toys coming out of China is bad? With vaccines, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

John H said...


Just a follow up on my last post..

People are going to look up Type C influenza and come back with..."Type C influenza is the MOST mild form of infuenza" THIS IS A LIE! Someone put out a press release and it's the same one ALL OVER THE NET. The TRUTH is, vaccine manufactures would love nothing more than to give your child yet another vaccine. A vaccine can NOT be given for influenza type C because it CAN not only cause bronchiolitis or pneumonia (is that mild???) but it is a wild card virus where it can morph into a Type A and B LIKE influenza and epidemics CAN break out on a LOCAL bases.

Yes type C influenza CAN be mild and IS rare BUT what the CDC (et al) does NOT want to admit is that a type C vaccine CAN NOT be given for fear that the VACCINE ITSELF could cause a 'REAL' pandemic. This is the reality of why type C influenza is down played by the vaccine pushers.

See Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Also see Wikipedia which contradicts the press release that Type C influenza is just a sniffle and a soar throat.

Money Savin' Momma said...

Does anyone know where you can buy the measles only vaccine (Attenuvax)? If so, please contact me at momma at

thank you

John H said...

Anonymous said...

"Vaccination is the most effective public health measure in human history. We are alive and healthy today because of the effectiveness and safety of these blessings to humanity."

Yeah, Super Model Mariana Bridi thought the very same thing and went on a 'Vaccination crusade'. She took her 'effect and safe' vaccines and what should have been a SIMPLE tract infection that HER OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM should have been able to EASILY combat went rogue.
Doctors had to amputate her hands and feet all to no avail because she ended up kicking the bucket. It's called autoimmune disorder brought on by vaccines. Pro vaccine folks like 'anonymous', don't like the public to know FACTS on how vaccines CREATE autoimmune disorders and actually make people MORE vulnerable to disease.

When well meaning Doctors go to third world countries and start shooting up populations with these 'safe and effective' vaccines who have REAL disease issues because of the LACK OF SANITATION ALWAYS see an explosion in disease, sterilization and death right after giving the shots. Freaked out, these 'good' doctors quit BUT ARE WARNED and THREATENED TO KEEP THEIR MOUTH'S SHUT.

The most effective public health measure is NOT VACCINES!
The MOST EFFECTIVE PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES are and always will be proper sanitation and hygiene. It's how measles was defeated BEFORE the vaccine in this country and how the T-REX of all diseases BLACK DEATH Bubonic plague which killed 200 million was conquered.

Proper Sanitation wasn't even wide spread in the U.S.A until the late 1950's. It was even later in Europe due to the destruction caused by the second world war. Ask any old timer most people didn't have sewage removal in most homes until then. All vaccines did in the USA / Europe was piggy back on the success proper sanitation in there respected countries.

Kim ~ A Parent Against Mandatory Vaccinations said...

I am 100% with you. I want to get more involved. What can I do??
I want to be MORE active.

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara,

In your stirring article, you often relate the accusations against you. "selfish," a "threat to the public health" and "uninformed", you say they called you.

I realize that uncivil debate is difficult to bear, hard to hear, and you seem to have done a great job at standing up for what you beleive and not lashing out.

However, I ask you: Were they wrong?

Enlighten said...

I have found a website from Holland that posts very good vaccine information that I found really useful. I hope it is unique to this cause. It is a strong proof that vaccines are the cause of much sickness, which includes the Autistic syndrome. I would appreciate you or your assistant views the data, especially the page graph showing "incidence of Autism." Thank you.

Dutch Association for Conscientious Vaccination
Independant Vaccine Study
Roosendaal, 1 December 2004
Vaccination Results
We need totally unbiased participants such as parents of Autistic children or adults. No one on evaluation panel can be associated with vaccine mfg. or related group.All participants must be screened just as was in Dutch Association for Conscientious Vaccination study.
Or, just visit their Home page at:

John H said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara,

In your stirring article, you often relate the accusations against you. "selfish," a "threat to the public health" and "uninformed", you say they called you.

I realize that uncivil debate is difficult to bear, hard to hear, and you seem to have done a great job at standing up for what you beleive and not lashing out.

However, I ask you: Were they wrong?

Let me explain what THEY, those who attack Barbara and the MILLIONS of others like her and myself, have signed onto. These attacks have EVERYTHING to do with hate and evil, murder and prejudice.

Below is a link to make crystal clear what it is that these people who love the vaccine manufactures, more than there OWN CHILDREN have signed onto.

Now once again, try and tell me with a straight face the people who own these vaccine factories care one little bit about 'safe and effective' vaccines. The above news report BARELY SCRATCHES THE SURFACE on just how low down and dirty these people really are, and the pro vaccine people defend this?

John H said...


Weird to say the least.

When I was a kid there were no 'STATE BOARD CONTROLLED' pediatric practices. I went to see our family doctor. ONLY for regular six month check ups or when my parents thought they needed me to see the doc, AND THE DOCTORS WERE NOT PUSHING VACCINES like a high school drug dealer. The doctor was always pleased to see that I was fit as a fiddle. Now fast forward to 2009...

We go to a pediatrician practice that 'CLAIMS' to be holistic. They pushed the deadly vaccines much harder on us than the self proclaimed pro vaccine clinics, but when I pulled out my textbook on WHY VACCINES ARE DEADLY they backed off quick. (Like in that movie 'They Live' their response to my knowledge on their deadly vaccines was... "This one can see".)

During our daughters 4th month check up it was as if the doctor was almost depressed that there was NOTHING WRONG with our daughters health and kept asking... "Are you sure she's ok?" I said to him, "you tell me doc... she's happy, has good color, her central nervous system is right on track and she is very aware of her surroundings. Even he had to admit how alert she is.

Here's where it really gets funny. A receptionist came out to the lobby as we were checking out and saw our little girl and made this comment... "WOW! This cute little girl really looks healthy and happy, she obviously never got a shot today, MAYBE SHE WILL NEXT TIME.

You see how BRAINWASHED people are!!!!! In these peoples minds it's not NORMAL for a child to be healthy and happy! Maybe that's why today's doctors are 'WORRIED' WHEN YOUR CHILD IS HEALTHY!!!

K Fuller said...

My body, my choice.
My child, my choice, until they turn 18.
What are we doing to our children?

Anonymous said...

If our children were being damaged by a terrorist attack people would be horrified by what is happening to Americas children..our future generation of adults. Why are people pretending like it it is just another normal day? We need a class action suit or something really big. As the days go by the angrier I get to see my son reaching adult hood and there is no hope in sight...except for what parents have made happen. Lucky for us there are parents in high places and in the public eye to help out.
This is not right and their must be justice.

Barb said...

I must say that I am pretty agitated at the moment. My sister and husband have decided that vaccinating their children would be a horrible health hazard that they are unwilling to take. Vaccinating has risks that are frankly not worth taking. HUGE Risks! My husband and I do not vaccinate our children either. However there's a big difference with us. We live in MI and my sis and family live in WV. Go figure they live in the one state that they are going to buck up against to save their children from this montrocity of forced vaccination. I have no idea on what to tell her as to what she needs to do to stand her ground but if it were me I'd absolutely pull the kids from school and Homeschool them. I wouldn't be forced into pushing these harmful vaccines onto them as a parent. Anyone have any advice on what to do in the state of WV when the school is demanding she vaccinate? I know that there has to be a way right??? Ugg this topic just utterly disgusts me.
I read a different blog earlier where everyone is ranting about a woman that took the state to court because they were forcing her to vaccinate or have her child expelled. I say that if their children are vaccinated and they claim that these vaccinnes are safe and protect against disease then what's the problem? Their kids should be protected right? :) So why are they crying that your kid is going to infect their kid? Hmmmm kinda ironic isn't it?