Vaccine Freedom Rally & Lawsuits: Saving the Children

by Barbara Loe Fisher

Yesterday morning, New Jersey Moms Louise Kuo Habakus and Claudine Liss of the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice appeared on Fox News (Fox & Friends) to talk about the vaccine freedom rally next Thursday (October 16) in Trenton in support of conscientious belief exemption legislation giving New Jersey parents the legal right to follow their conscience when making vaccine choices for their children. After the show, Louise and Claudine were invited back for an informal, spirited discussion about the epidemic of chronic disease and disability and the recent flu vaccine mandate instituted in New Jersey for all children.

Smart, sincere, passionate, and articulate, these two Moms are what the vaccine safety and informed consent movement is about and their call for freedom of choice echoes the one that has been made by parents of vaccine injured children for nearly three decades. For more information about how to stand with Louise, Claudine, Larry Palevsky, M.D., me and more than 500 parents registered to rally in Trenton next Thursday and make your voice heard for vaccine freedom, contact the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice at

On Monday, the Georgia Supreme Court issued a unanimous appeals court ruling that opened the door for families of vaccine injured children to sue vaccine manufacturers for vaccine design defects that lead to injury and death. The next day a Missouri Appeals Court upheld an $8.5 million judgment against American Cyanamid for injuries suffered by a man who contracted vaccine strain polio from a live oral polio vaccination as a child. Both civil court decisions rightly hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for failing to appropriately test and improve vaccines they sell to the public so that health risks from using the product can be eliminated or at least significantly reduced.

When Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which was historic societal acknowledgment that vaccines can injure and kill and that the vaccine injured should be compensated even as vaccine availability should be protected, it was clear in both the legislative history and clarifying language accompanying the Act's passage that Congress never intended to give blanket, exclusive immunity to drug companies marketing vaccines for public use. Until this week, too many federal judges have misinterpreted the spirit and intent of the 1986 law. Hopefully, the Georgia decision will ultimately give parents of vaccine injured children the legal ability to hold drug companies accountable in a civil court of law for failing to reduce the reactivity of their products.

Whether holding the pharmaceutical industry accountable in the judicial system or petitioning legislators to allow Americans to follow their conscience and exercise informed consent to medical risk taking, vaccine educated citizens in America are standing up for their civil rights in larger numbers. It is a good sign, a beacon of hope that the business of saving our children from a lifetime of chronic illness and disability has become a priority for more than a small minority of citizens. Saving our children is everyone's business and standing up for freedom of speech and conscience is the first order of business in a democratic society.

Whether you live in New Jersey or another state - I hope to see you at the rally in Trenton on Oct. 16 and two days later on Oct. 18 at the Natural Living Conference in Mahwah sponsored by the Holistic Moms Network.


"NJ Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk, Board-certified Pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky and National Vaccine Information Center co-founder Barbara Loe Fisher, will join NJ parents and professionals at a rally in Trenton for vaccination choice. Over 500 have pre-registered, requiring the city to close the streets, and more participants are expected. The speakers represent a cross-section of society including medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, scientists, clergy, educators, soldiers, politicians, journalists, autism activists, homeschoolers and many parents. The NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice (NJCVC) invites you to rally with them by the steps of the State House, outside Gov. Corzine's office. The Legislature will be in session. The group opposes the four new vaccine mandates including an annual flu shot for children ages 5 and under, required for daycare and pre-school. NJCVC supports the passage of bill A260/S1071 to allow a conscientious exemption to mandatory vaccination that will permit parents to select all, some, or no vaccinations for their children. A form of this parental right already exists in 19 other US states." - New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice (October 7, 2008)

"The Supreme Court of Georgia on Monday upheld a state appeals court ruling that could open the door to product liability claims against vaccine manufacturers by the parents of autistic children. Justice George H. Carley wrote for a unanimous court that a Fulton County suit against manufacturers filed by the parents of an autistic child may to go to trial. The justices rejected what Carley described as a "far-reaching interpretation" of a federal vaccine statute that defendant vaccine manufacturers argued gave them sweeping immunity from liability..... Carley specifically focused on Congress' intent. He wrote that a reading of the federal vaccine act "and the congressional intent behind it show that the Vaccine Act does not pre-empt all design defect claims." Instead, Carley noted, the federal vaccine law "provides that a vaccine manufacturer cannot be held liable for defective design if it is determined, on a case-by-case basis, that the injurious side effects of the particular vaccine were unavoidable." But, the judge added, "The conditional nature of this clause contemplates the occurrence of side effects which are avoidable, and for which a vaccine manufacturer may be civilly liable. In order to bar all liability for defective design and to permit liability only for manufacturing and warning defects, Congress could easily have ..... made the bar to civil liability conditional on proper preparations and warnings." "As the statute is actually written, however," Carley continued, "it is best understood as barring liability only for those side effects which were unavoidable by means other than proper manufacturing and packaging. Conversely, if such effects were avoidable by a feasible, alternative design, liability is not completely barred." Neither can federal law nor, by extension, Congress unilaterally pre-empt state causes of actions, Carley said. Instead, the justice noted that the question of whether a particular vaccine is unavoidably unsafe -- and therefore subject to immunity from liability -- is a question of fact for a jury to decide." - R. Robin MacDonald, (October 7, 2008)

"A Missouri appeals court Tuesday upheld an $8.5 million judgment for a St. Louis man who contracted polio after receiving an oral vaccine as a child. A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals' Eastern District also ruled that the vaccine's manufacturer owed about $2.8 million for prejudgment interest on top of the award because it refused to accept a pretrial settlement offer that was less than the amount awarded by a jury. Cortez Strong contracted polio in June 1987, shortly after receiving a second dose of the vaccine Orimune, which was made by American Cyanamid Co.....Strong sued American Cyanamid and the pediatrician who administered the vaccine. In 2005, a St. Louis jury cleared the doctor of liability but ordered American Cyanamid to pay Strong $1.5 million for pain and suffering, $2 million for future lost earnings and $5 million for future pain and suffering. The company appealed, contending there was insufficient evidence that it was legally liable for Strong's injuries. The company also sought to have the judgment reduced or set aside or that a new trial be ordered. Strong also appealed, seeking to be allowed to introduce rebuttal evidence against the physician and to have American Cyanamid be ordered to pay interest on the award. The appeals court rejected each request except Strong's appeal for prejudgment interest. " - Chris Blank, Associated Press (October 8, 2008) award.html?.v=1


John H said...

"On Monday, the Georgia Supreme Court issued a unanimous appeals court ruling that opened the door for families of vaccine injured children to sue vaccine manufacturers for vaccine design defects that lead to injury and death. The next day a Missouri Appeals Court upheld an $8.5 million judgment against American Cyanamid for injuries suffered by a man who contracted vaccine strain polio from a live oral polio vaccination as a child. Both civil court decisions rightly hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for failing to appropriately test and improve vaccines they sell..."

The public is finally starting to face the reality of not only the dangers of these vaccines but, just like Wall Street and the banks, these pharmaceutical companies get 'special protection by law' to be exempt from ANY accountability what-so-ever. This is outrageously criminal since we're talking about peoples / children's lives not dollars which are at stake here. Since it usually takes a 'Supreme Court' ruling and a miracle just to hold these vaccine pushers even remotely accountable it is NOT logical under any circumstance to 'force 'medicate' the population with vaccines. Making the population WORSE than human guinea pigs, which by-the-way, violates the 'Nuremberg Code'.

John H said...

Merck's Combination Children's Vaccine Linked to Convulsions

We always here... "ask your Doctor."

...but does your doctor really know?

Deborah Ann Dugger said...

What really makes me angry is the real truth is NOT being stated at all.

As adults, are we made to get vaccined?
Why of course not because we have that (Adult choice).Freedom of choice.
But the Pharmaceutical Companies & our government know this..that is why they want it done to newborns and children..because they can not choose and speak for them self. So if the Gov. & the Big Pharma. accomplish this while babies and children are too small to speak for them self then they have accomplished (the creation of man kinds diseases) through liquid death. Keeping medical personal in business along with their pharmaceutical business. You see, we were all (taught) to trust doctors..etc as children,then we carry that same brainwashed scam like a cycle to our children, repeat, and repeat. But this is what I say : Would you trust your child to be WATCHED by a babysitter you didn't know?

Then why should we let our children be injected by someone we TRUELY don't know and by what we don't know what the LIQUID DEATH IS THEY ARE SHOOTING INTO OUR CHILDREN?

one more thing: if the doctor refuses to sign you a statement that: Your child will not die nor be affected by the Liquid they are wanting to shoot into your child: That should speak for its self. Also, I would call the police and have charges pressed against any one injecting your child with liquid they are not telling you what the ingredents in them are. I call it attempted murder and/or endangering the welfare of a child.
To the Mothers about to have a child: note this:
Nurserys in hospitals are giving (Newborn's ) shots and are not informing the parents of what they are doing to them in the nursery! They call one of them scam shots a (Vitiman K1) it kills! Ask for a insert before you go to the hospital and have your child and READ it. Then type up a statement that your child is to be in your room at all times even after delivery and that no one is to touch that child except for family only.