On The Frontlines: Vaccine Education & Empowerment

by Barbara Loe Fisher


Parents and enlightened doctors are on the front lines educating both parents and politicians about vaccination. Knowledge is power and more parents are coming to the realization that they can best protect their children's health by becoming educated health care consumers.

On September 5, New Jersey vaccine choice advocate Louise Kuo Habakus held a parent demonstration on her front lawn as Presidential candidate Barak Obama and NJ Governor Jon Corzine drove to a Bon Jovi political fund raiser in her neighborhood (also see the beautiful video created by a Mom who attended the demonstration in support of vaccine choice). Louise is giving a vaccine lecture tonight Sept. 10 in East Windsor and on Oct. 1 in Highlands sponsored by the . (Registration is required for attendance by email at vaxRSVP@verizon.net) There will be a parent rally in Trenton, NJ in October sponsored by the Coalition in support of conscientious belief exemption to vaccination.

Pediatrician Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. will be giving a series of lectures on vaccination in New York City on September 22, October 29, November 5 and December 3. President and co-founder of the Holistic Pediatric Association, Dr. Palevsky will discuss current vaccine science, how vaccines work, acute and chronic illness, vaccine requirements and many other vaccine issues. (Call 212-367-9006 or visit www.realbirth.com for more information).

"The public has many questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, " said Dr. Palevsky. While more parents are showing increased concern about these issues and the growing number of vaccines to be administered to infants and children from day one of life, there is a growing interest on the part of vaccine manufacturers, state legislatures and medical societies to enforce vaccination on all children, through the passing of more and more state vaccine mandates, without first having a dialogue with the public, or the medical community."

On Saturday, October 18, the Fifth Annual Natural Living Conference sponsored by the Holistic Moms Network (HMN) at the Sheraton Crossroads Hotel in Mahwah, New Jersey will include my presentation on "Vaccines & Chronic Illness: Staying Well in the New Epidemic" and a presentation by author and environmentalist Annie B. Bond on "Easy Tips for a Green and Healthy Home." The one-day conference (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) will include sessions with parenting experts discussing stress and health; homeschooling, Eco-Action plans and good parenting strategies. For more information and to register go to http://home.homewebs.com/hmnannualconference/


Bobbie Klein said...

---Dear Barbara, As a dietitian, chiropractor and new author, I want to
encourage you to continue to do what you are doing. People will
listen and changes most often occur, one person at a time.
My book, "LOVE, Grafted-In" was written for the Christian Retail
market and the story centers around a children's hospital that cares
for the most extreme cases of autism. Woven into the love story there
is a clear message that vaccinations can be dangerous--and can
destroy lives. I believe it is all of our responsibilities to plant
seeds and caution others to carefully think through every medical
procedure that is recommended for our children.
I have recently been notified that my book has been selected for
inclusion in the Munce Christmas catalog which will be sent to over
one million homes. Hang in there -- together, we will get the word
Bobbie Klein

Tracy Stroh (tracy_stroh@yahoo.com) said...

Barbara, I'm the mom of a boy with autism (recently diagnosed, he's 2 and change) and I'm up into the wee small hours of the morning, as usual, trying to find more information to help me heal my son. I'm only at the beginning of this journey, and there are really no words to express how grateful I am for your voice. I've sat there in the pediatrician's office wanting, praying for even, nothing more than the tiniest confirmation that all the articulate arguments that vaccines can hurt some babies aren't all the frothing lunacy of a bunch of crazed maniacs on the Internet (because that's how they make you feel as you sit there in their inner sanctum). But no, she shook her head at me, sadly, insisting that nothing I've read holds any water, and all I need to do is surf around the CDC Web site to see the errors of my ways. At that point, I'm just crying and I can't even respond. With my ivy-league diploma and my masters degree in English lit, you'd think I could find something to say, anything. But I can't. I'm as muted as my baby boy. She adds some kind words about how while his development will be different, he WILL develop, he do so well, she has two nephews with autism who are now adults and can even hold jobs, for heaven's sake, and it's really no different than being told my child has asthma or allergies. He's still a beautiful boy and will grow into a beautiful man, she tells me, as if I didn't know, as if I need her to tell me this. And all I can do as she says these things is sit there silent, her words not even sinking in, knowing that in her office I'll get nowhere fast. So we found a DAN doctor, and while we may end up living in a cardboard box to pay for his care, we're already showing massive improvements after less than 2 months on his suggested dietary changes and nutritional supplements...that are treating the vaccine injury that any conventional doctor that my insurance would pay for would insist couldn't possibly exist. I could truly lose my mind. But instead I'll read and reread your words to remind myself that I'm not crazy. I just read and cried over the Mothering article, which led me to Google you and find this blog. Thank you so much. I'll keep spreading the word to everybody who'll listen so that fewer and fewer of us have to go through this nightmare. People like you help give us the word to spread, and that's more valuable than I know how to say. - Tracy Stroh

Allison Jones said...

I've been studying vaccines since 1984, when my son was paralyzed temporarily by the DPT. Finally, I have the web-site up, the booklet in print, and the office for my new 'Vaccine Consultant' business (Allison Jones), north of Seattle, in Shoreline. Soon, I will be giving regular lectures explaining with diagrams: how they are made, how they work, and how they cause Autism. Of Antigens and Lethal Factors...go to: http://www.trackingvaccinations.com

danielvettori said...

This is an interesting forum, many different opinions; it’s great to hear what the world is thinking.