Vaccine Facts & Choice: Drawing the Lines

by Barbara Loe Fisher

As the battle lines are being drawn between those who want to force all children to use 69 doses of 16 vaccines and those who are defending the right of parents to exercise voluntary, informed consent to vaccination, it is coming down to a matter of whose message do you trust. Should government health officials, pediatricians and vaccine manufacturers, who have been denying vaccine risks for three decades, be trusted to be defacto lawmakers and force vaccination on everyone or should Americans be allowed to become informed about vaccination and legally make voluntary vaccine choices?

Tonight, July 17, Louise Kao Habakus will be speaking about "Vaccination: Building a Case for Education and Choice" at the Atlantis Ballroom, Tom's River Holiday Inn in Tom's River, NJ at The mother of two children, Louise is standing up for the right to know and the freedom to decide. The presentation is free but to reserve a seat, send e-mail to

As more parents report that their young girls are suffering disabling reactions to GARDASIL (see a video clip of the WUSA-TV coverage), doctors determined to coverup HPV vaccine risks are giving out inaccurate information (see video clip of a FOX News story ) while public health officials defending vaccine safety write books and parents want more information and choices.

All Americans deserve the right to be fully informed about the risks associated with any pharmaceutical products or medical procedure and be allowed to make a voluntary decision about taking that risk with their own life or the life of their child. The right to informed consent to medical risk taking is a human right.


"Christina Bell says 2 weeks after her 12 year old daughter Brittany was injected with the HPV vaccine, "she was walking through my house and collapsed. She told me, she couldn't feel her leg." Today, this once athletic girl has a hard time getting around and often loses her balance. Jessica Vega of Nevada got the shot at school and became temporarily paralyzed. Jamie Venice of Florida passed out and had a seizure after her Gardasil shot. "I don't think this should have been fast-tracked by the FDA," says Barbara Loe Fisher with the National Vaccine Information Center. She says Merck, the manufacturer of the drug managed to get Gardasil approved and to market, after studying the side-effects in just 12- hundred girls. What was their incentive? "It certainly is money because the bottom line for their stock holders is a profit," she says. She claims Merck has taken in an estimated 1.5 billion dollars world-wide from Gardasil sales, all for a vaccine she says may do more harm than good. She says doctors share in the blame. "I think pediatricians need to pay more attention to the patient that's sitting in front of them, rather than thinking they need to implement government policy or promote a new vaccine that a drug company rep has come in and promoted to them."The debate over the HPV vaccine rages on in Virginia after it became the first state in the country to mandate the vaccine for sixth grade girls, albeit with an opt-out provision. Those requirements have been delayed for at least one year to allow more time to study the vaccine's effects on young girls." - Nancy Yamada, WUSA-TV9 (July 7, 2008)

"It remains to be seen whether the new book will answer all queries. "You are going to continue to see parents doing their own research and coming up with a lot of questions," said Barbara Loe Fisher, a frequent critic of vaccines and co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, a nonprofit, parent-led organization that seeks to change the mass vaccination process to allow more opt-out flexibility regarding immunizations. She said she looks forward to reading the book but wonders if it will address the issue now being raised about the effect on children's health of recent expansion in the recommended vaccine schedule. "I've seen the number of vaccines double and the number of doses triple," Fisher said. "No matter what is published in that book, it is still an outstanding question until health authorities give us the answer as to why so many highly vaccinated children are so sick." - Susan J. Landers, American Medical News (July 7, 2008)

Gardasil Controversy: Are the HPV Vaccine's Side Effects a Legitimate Concern?

produced by Ben Evansky
Fox News
July 11, 2008



annieck said...

You are right! ALL Americans deserve the right to know the truth about vaccines and to make a choice as to whether or not their children receive them. THANK YOU for fighting for our rights!
May God bless you as you seek to inform the masses!

Stefan said...

So sad that so many don't even know their rights regarding vaccines. I wrote up an article on the vaccine-autism link, adverse reactions, no law to vaccinate, mercury in vaccines, EPA mercury cleanup protocol, and much more. Anyone wants a read, check it out at

Anonymous said...

You are all ignorant and are putting my children at risk!! By refusing to vaccinate, you are allowing diseases to survive -- diseases that we can control.

Have you ever seen a child die of whooping cough?


Shannon said...

I just found your blog and I'm hooked! I am facing a hostile doc next week and deciding whether to do battle over shots again, or just try to find a new one... It's hard to stand up to them, but my kids are worth it. Thanks for the encouragement and information.

anne said...

My husband is South African. The apartheid government there would routinely not vaccinate boys against mumps. He got the disease instead, got mumps oophoritis (google it) and now we cannot have children. I believe that the actions of that government was tantamount to genocide.

and the overdiagnosis of autism? or the failure to believe that autism was in the genes and not in the syringe? Please! In our day every child was vaccinated and no one ever got autism.

nonk9 said...

If you want to get really scared, ready the pro-Gardasil propaganda disguisted as science by Kim and Goldie in the 8.21.08 NEJM.

Lexi said...

Dr. Mercola's website is another great one to read about the risks of Gardasil. He explains in detail and with facts how dangerous and unnecessary this particular drug is. I strongly suggest reading it for yourself.

Lexi said...


You have to understand that MD's push vaccinations because it means more money for them, not because it is good for your child. I've learned to use the following when confronted on my beliefs on not vaccinating my daughter.

"I've done the research and I do not believe it is in my childs best interest for her safety and health to vaccinate. If you would like to provide credible facts as to the benefits of the vaccination you are pushing on me, I am willing to listen and hear your prospective."

Shannon, the sad thing is..most MD's don't even know where vaccinations originated from, the history of the vaccine they are pushing, what the side affects are, what is in them, and what the outcome is for a child vaccinated with that vaccine vs. a child not vaccinated with that vaccine.