Vaccine Police At Work in New York

by Barbara Loe Fisher

We are only a few days into the New Year and, already, there is another situation brewing where a militant approach is being taken by state education and health officials threatening parents that their children will be suspended from school for failure to get vaccinated. On Tuesday, Jan. 8, more than 100 middle school students in Bellport, NY could be suspended from school if they do not show proof that have gotten a Tdap booster shot and chicken pox vaccine, according to a Suffolk County Health Department official. Reportedly, a mobile medical unit is scheduled to come to the school on Monday to inject students who don't show proof they have gotten the vaccines.

Last November, the Vaccine Police in Maryland brought out the dogs at a Prince Georges County Courthouse to supervise lines of parents, who had been ordered under threat of jail time and fines to show up with their children to get the children injected with chicken pox and hepatitis B vaccines. That mass round-up generated national news. 1/17/maryland.vaccines/#cnnSTCVideo

Maryland education and health officials said that the parents had not responded to letters informing them that they were being charged under state truancy laws because their children had not been attending school after being suspended for failing to show proof of vaccination. But many of the parents said they never received the letters or the schools failed to keep proper records and lost the paperwork showing their children had gotten all the required vaccines. According to parents who exited the Maryland Courthouse in November with their children, there was no medical screening of the children getting shots and no information about how to monitor for vaccine reactions.

It appears that the militant approach to enforcing vaccine use is becoming very fashionable among state education and health officials, who are using it whether there is a disease outbreak or not. The only way for the people to counteract the nasty impulse of government officials to flex their muscles (sometimes with the help of dogs and guns) is to let government and elected officials know that intimidation, coercion and other strong-arm tactics are not an acceptable form of persuasion in America when it comes to vaccination.

The right to informed consent to use of any pharmaceutical product, including vaccines, becomes a human right when that pharmaceutical product can injure or kill. Defending the human right to informed consent to vaccine use is worth standing up for in every state.

The parents in New York are being threatened that their children will be suspended for failure to get a Tdap booster or chicken pox vaccine today. But tomorrow, these parents could well be summoned to a New York County Courthouse with their children under the threat of jail time and fines like the parents in Maryland were in November.

Parents should be given full information about the benefits and risks of Tdap and chicken pox vaccines and full information about the right to file a medical or religious exemption to vaccination in accordance with New York laws. Hopefully, the mobile unit medical personnel scheduled to vaccinate the children on-site at schools on Monday will screen the children for personal and medical histories and previous vaccine reactions, especially to the "P" part of the Tdap shot.

The pertussis (whooping cough) portion of the DPT, DTaP and Tdap vaccines has long been associated with neurological reactions such as brain inflammation, convulsions, shock/collapse, and high pitched screaming. Children who have had serious reactions to previous vaccinations containing pertussis vaccine could have more serious reactions if more pertussis vaccine is given. The same warnings, precautions and contraindications which apply to DPT, DTaP, DT or TD vaccines, apply to receipt of Tdap vaccine:

· moderate or severe illness on day of vaccination
· anaphylaxis (shock) or life threatening allergic reaction after previous doses of DPT, DtaP, DT or TD vaccine
· encephalopathy (coma, decreased level of consciousness, prolonged seizure) within 7 days of administration of a previous dose of pertussis containing vaccine
· evolving central nervous system (CNS) disorder, uncontrolled epilepsy, progressive encephalopathy
· Seizures with or without fever within 72 hours of a previous dose of pertussis containing vaccine
· temperature over 105 F. within 48 hours of a previous dose of pertussis containing vaccine
· collapse or shock-like state within 48 hours of a previous dose of pertussis containing vaccine
· uncontrollable crying lasting more than 3 hours within 48 hours of a previous dose of pertussis containing vaccine
· Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) within 6 weeks of vaccination
· Serious Arthus-type hypersensitivity reaction after previous receipt of a tetanus containing vaccine
· serious latex allergy
· severe swelling or severe pain after previous doses of any vaccine containing tetanus, diphtheria or pertussis vaccine

Link to CDC information on contraindications to vaccination:

Links to product manufacturer inserts for Tdap and chicken pox vaccines:

An autism advocacy organization, A-CHAMP (Advocates for Children's Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning), has issued an Action Alert advising New York citizens to call Suffolk County and state education officials to express concern.

New York residents concerned about the right to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccination should contact their elected representatives and make their voices heard. All elected officials in America at the state and federal level should be made aware that militant enforcement of public health policy which requires pharmaceutical product use, including forced vaccine use, violates the ethical principle of informed consent and will not be tolerated.


connie said...

im sorry to sound naieve, but i was under the impression that one could sing a waiver and not have to vaccinate your kids. Is that no longer true? (we donot have kids yet, so i am not as informed as i ought to be, but i am a birth worker and help women and families to make informed choices all the time... ) If it is true then why is this happening?
a little clarification for a newbie?

amazume said...

New York State is an exemption state, and yes, parents can write a letter to claim religeous exemption. Religion here is not limited to organized religion, if it is your belief that vaccinations are damaging to your child(rens well being), if you believe your child may be succeptible to vaccine injury, and/or if you believe there are natural remedies for any disease you can write that in your exemption letter. I've done it, quite a few friends have done it too, and it has been accepted.

If your school gives you a hard time, you can retain an attorney. Hereby a link to an attorney (based in NY state) who knows vaccination law and is experienced in vaccine injury law suits. He is a member of the NVIC, and LIVING.
LIVING (Long Island Vaccine Information Networking Group) is located in Centerport, NY (Suffolk County). You can find it on this list: Vaccination Resources Listed by State

YUMI said...

In my opinion mamy parents do not know that exemptions are available. Many parents are simply too busy to do their research on vaccine and make informed decisions about their children's healthcare.

Anonymous said...

My daughter did a report in college and basically said that there is no proof that vaccinations work. I think we should ask for proof before we get our kids shot up. Also, the homeland security bill says the pharmaceutical co. can use kids as guinea pigs without fear of lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

The doctors tell me that there is no longer mercury in these shots. If this is true, are the risks still great. I'm having a hard time finding information or deciphering it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the anti-vaccine contingent, I am now having to fight the medical establishment just to have my daughter tested for pertussis. She was vaccinated, but the "waiver" demanding parents brought pertussis into the school, and now several dozen children have pertussis. But the problem is, doctors are refusing to test for it, so now we have to seek care in emergency rooms just to get a nasal swab.

So, when you refuse to vaccinate and your child does NOT get pertussis, thank herd immunity.

Unfortunately vaccines are not 100 percent effective, so the few children who are vulnerable, or are soon due for their dTAP booster, may get pertussis.

It's fine for you to sit on your high horse, but what about the rest of us who don't live in their own fantasy world. Would you also bring back the days of polio and smallpox and have little parties to spread it around?

Anonymous said...

Everyone is afraid to stand up and go against the system. A Mommies group that is quite liberal in thought still vaccinated their babies as not knowing whatelse to do. Even when it was discussed amongst mothers. People are so swayed by the media and believe doctors and don't question. Our society is sheep and cattle minded, follow what is told and ignore one's instinct.
We must respond and not let the government and pharmaceutical corps. have their way. Ever think that these Pharmaceutical corps. are German companies that where started in WW2, tested on humans of all ages.
Spread the word- our Country needs to keep our freedom of choice or our future children will live a life of darkness. Look at Burma. Preserve our rights as Americans.

abc said...

Food allergies are directly caused by vaccines....

I found the following statistics on various websites -

AUSTRALIA: Australia has one of the highest allergic incidence rates in the developed world.
CANADA: Between 3% and 4% of Canadian adults, and nearly 6 % of children suffer from food allergies
GERMANY: The prevalence in children is 3 percent to 6 percent, but can be up to 30 percent in high-risk groups, such as children with eczema.
ITALY: An estimated 6 to 8% of the Italian population has food allergies.
JAPAN: about 7% of population had some form of food allergy.
MALAYSIA: about 30% of young children are likely to develop allergic disorders in the first five years of life.
SWEDEN: one out of 15 children with reported adverse reactions to food.
US: One in every 17 children under the age of 3 has food allergy.

And really serious food reactions are not all that rare - “A study in Arch Intern Med 2001 Jan 8;161(1):15-2, Anaphylaxis in the United States: an investigation into its epidemiology, concluded with “The occurrence of anaphylaxis in the US is not as rare as is generally believed. On the basis of our figures, the problem of anaphylaxis may, in fact, affect 1.21% (1.9 million) to 15.04% (40.9 million) of the US population.” PMID 11146694″

So is this epidemic of food allergies mostly among young children caused by being too clean (hygiene theory - food allergies are unknown in undeveloped countries) in the last 5 years or something else?

1960 - children received on average one or two vaccines
1980 - children received 8-9 vaccines
1990 - children were routinely given 10 vaccines
2000 - Children now receive 33 vaccinations before they enter school
2007 - Children are now to receive 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age six and 53-56 doses of 15 or 16 vaccines by age 12.

Vaccines contain an adjuvant that increases the body’s immune response to the protein in the vaccine. Something that the public and most physicians don’t realize is that the adjuvant can also contain a mixture of vegetable and animal oils that have a trace of food protein in them. This is a protected trade secret and does not have to appear on the package insert. The ingredients of many adjuvants can only be found by reading patents. What are these oils? Soy, sesame, peanut, wheat germ, corn, shellfish, fish, etc.

Can a trace amount of food protein in a vaccine cause food allergy? Yes. This has been known since 1839, when the French physiologist Francois Magendie injected animals to create a food allergy to egg whites.

The food industry has to label food that may contain trace amounts of peanuts or nuts but the pharmaceutical industry is exempt. Shouldn’t your doctor know if he is injecting a peanut-allergic patient with peanut oil?