by Barbara Loe Fisher

In 2006, Mayo Clinic's Greg Poland, M.D., who has been a CDC vaccine policymaker and promotes worldwide use of multiple vaccines throughout life, called for mandatory vaccination of all health care workers with flu vaccine.

This year, the CDC issued a formal recommendation for all health care workers to do just that
http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/cidrap/content/influenza/general/news/jul0207acip.html Dr. Poland has also been instrumental in defending the "safety" of the highly reactive anthrax vaccine the U.S. Department of Defense has required all soldiers to get.
http://www.vaccines.mil/documents/library/MilitaryImztn2005fulc.pdf. Last week, he called for all 300 million Americans to get a flu shot every year.

Dr. Poland, like so many doctors in public health and pediatrics today, considers himself a "warrior" in the crusade to kill all infectious microbes that cause human disease. He says, "Vaccines are the singularly most important medical technology ever devised. We administer a series of vaccines over a lifetime to every single human being on earth."

When ideology blinds a doctor, scientific truth is often the first casualty.

A report out of Canada last week reveals that two of the three strains (Soloman Islands A, Wisconsin A, Malaysia B) selected by doctors at the World Health Organization and the CDC for North America "appear to be drifting and mutating, raising questions about how much protection this year's flu vaccine will offer."
http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20071024/flu_shot_071024/20071024hub=TopStories The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that the Wisconsin strain has already mutated into a different form than is contained in the vaccine and the Malaysia strain is also showing signs of mutating. This is similar to what happened in the 2003-2004 flu season when there was a mismatch of circulating flu strains with the ones selected for the flu vaccine. http://www.nvic.org/History/Newsletters/%203770Reaction.pdf

So just how effective will the flu shot be at preventing death and illness from the flu this year, especially for children, the chronically ill and the elderly?

Probably not any more effective than it has ever been, which is not very effective according to yet another study in the medical literature ( Lancet Infect Dis. 2007;7:658-666). The Lancet reported this month that the elderly over age 70, who have always been targeted for flu vaccination because they account for 90 percent of all flu related deaths, may not be protected at all from dying from complications of the flu. Flu vaccine use by the elderly and those with chronic diseases has increased from 15% to 65% in the US and other high-income countries since 1980 but there has been no decrease in influenza-related mortality among these groups. The few clinical trials that have included elderly people have indicated there is a decrease in antibody responses and clinical benefits of flu vaccination as people age beyond 70 years.
http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/563393?src=mp This new report reinforces an analysis of flu vaccine clinical trials published last year in the British Medical Journal by Cochrane Collaboration researchers
The 2006 Cochrane Collaboration analysis found that the majority of published influenza vaccine studies were methodologically flawed with selection biases, cofounders and heavy reliance on non-randomized studies. Authors pointed out that potential confusion between respiratory infections caused by flu viruses and those caused by non-flu viruses can result in a misdiagnosis and gross overestimation of the true impact of influenza on death and illness in a given flu season (CDC officials have never produced documented evidence for the 36,000 deaths they attribute to the flu every year).

The 2006 study concluded that too few clinical trials have been conducted to prove flu vaccine safety and current evidence indicates that use of inactivated influenza vaccine has only a modest or no effect on preventing flu in children or the elderly. Co-author Tom Jefferson, an Italian epidemiologist said "There is a big gap between policies promoting annual influenza vaccinations for most children and adults and supporting scientific evidence."

NVIC has taken the position that the CDC should stop recommending annual influenza vaccination for all young children when there is insufficient scientific justification for it.

Unfortunately, when the CDC makes a recommendation for universal use of vaccines, state mandates soon follow. Greg Poland's call for 300 million Americans to get an annual flu shot is a pretty good indicator the CDC will eventually follow suit and drug company lobbyists seeking higher profits will pressure state legislatures to institute flu vaccine mandates. Once every American has been softened up to accept an annual flu shot, more shots and mandates will follow.

Only this time, the vaccine mandates will not just mean being barred from getting an education. Today, parental refusal to get a child vaccinated with all state mandated vaccines means the child can be barred from going to school or getting health insurance. Tomorrow vaccine mandates may mean being barred from getting a job or a driver's license unless you show proof you've saluted smartly and rolled up your sleeve for scores of new vaccines now being developed in more than 200 clinical trials worldwide. And that is a future that drug companies selling vaccines are convincing stockholders they can take all the way to the bank.



Jed and Jaime said...

The flu vaccine is a joke. I received my first and last flu vaccine in 1995 and was the sickest I've ever been that year with the flu that lasted almost 2 full weeks.

Whether it was from the vaccination or happened to be a strain not covered, the flu shot is bad news. I've been healthy ever since and although I have had the flu (I think, there are many viruses that have the same symptoms) it has only lasted 3 days at the most.

I'm SO glad that I'm now aware of the dangers of vaccines in general so that my children may lead healthier lives.

Kate said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I live not far from there, Honestly what will be next?? I am glad I came across your Blog, I loved reading it all!!

Kate said...

It is riduculious, How are our kids supposed to build up there immune system naturally if they are trying to force us to vaccinate them for everything. You can't even leave the Hospital without having a newborn poisoned first.Sadly, with my religious beliefs, I can't decline them because there is much controvesy the with my relgion apperently, mine doesn't count. I just want safe healthy kids.

Nurse Shannon said...

You know, I am a nurse, and I have never had the flu shot...never had the flu.
We just mass vaccinated elderly people at work (I work in a nursing home) and low and behold...over half of them got sick. *shock*

I agree with the previous poster...the flu shot is a joke!

Anonymous said...

I think flu vaccines *cause* the flu. Why else do we have a flu SEASON, and how do they know what strain is going around from year to year?

I've never had a flu shot and to my knowledge never had the flu.

My younger sister has a weakened immune system, and from what I can tell, the only time she gets the flu is when she gets the shot--and if she doesn't get the shot she doesn't get the flu.

If it's true that there's an aluminum-Alzheimer's link, then it's no wonder the elderly are getting Alzheimer's, since there's aluminum in those shots, and the elderly are really pushed to get the flu shot.

Paul Winter said...

I had a flu vaccination in December 2005 and have suffered from increasing neurological symptoms since. I now have involuntary movements (myoclonus),abnormal gait,speech problems, problems with memory,muscle twitches,foot drop,dizziness if standing and other minor symptoms. I started to get symptoms within 48 hours of the jab starting with altered sensation in my face and dizziness, the other symptoms have followed over a period of 2 years. I still have no diagnosis although a neurologist has acknowledged a possible adverse reaction to the flu vaccination. you can see my story at http://www.youtube.com/kaazoom

Mustang's Bride said...

You have got to be kidding. Just like anything you are exposed to or injest you could have a reaction. I have personally taken care of HEALTHY young persons that did not get their flu shot and DIED. This is a vaccine preventable disease. It should be mandatory. It is insane that over 40,000 Americans die from influenza complication annually. Our national health care costs can be reduced greatly. Additionally, another 200,000+ Americans were hospitalized from flu complications, and over 1/2 MILLION get the actual flu and go to see a physician for treatment and medicine to make them feel better. The real flu last at least 2 weeks, needing additional weeks to recover. Other costs to our nation and economy. Once vaccinated it takes 2 weeks to develop immunity. If you are exposed to the WILD flu virus before you have conferred immunity you will not be protected. The injectable does not protect you from NATURAL viral shifts, you are correct. HOWEVER, the new FLUMIST has been proven to be 20+% more effective than the injectable flu, and works faster. IT DOES PROTECT YOU FROM VIRAL SHIFT.

When you care for someone who should not die from this disease, a vaccine preventable disease -- you will see a different side. So as someone who exposes them becaused they wanted to exercise their free right of CHOICE, should they then be found guilty of murder for their careless and harmful choice to our society? Your arguement is different of foolish as anyother choice that violates PUBLIC SAFETY, such as seatbelts, speed limit violation, or drinking and driving.