Pediatricians Spy, Vaccine Pushers Target NASCAR

Pediatricians Spy, Vaccine Pushers Target NASCAR

by Barbara Loe Fisher

Do you know what your pediatrician is asking your child when you step out of the examining room? I'll bet you'd never guess.

According to one Dad in Massachusetts, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have convinced America's pediatricians that they are agents of the State rather than healers paid by parents to offer medical advice for their children. He reports that the AAP now encourages doctors to ignore "legal barriers and deference to parental involvement" and spy on families by extracting personal information out of their little patients about Mom and Dad's lifestyle choices.

Whether pediatricians are just behaving badly in Massachusetts or are acting out all over the USA, it is disconcerting to hear that any doctor is secretly grilling children about whether Mom and Dad make them feel "uncomfortable" or smoke, drink, get high on (prescription?) drugs or own a gun. Even more alarming is the allegation that some pediatricians feel compelled to make a "report" to the State when the trusting little souls snitch on Mom and Dad for having a Michelob while watching Monday night football or harboring a registered rifle for duck hunting.

What makes this story so compelling is that a lot of doctors are acting like policemen these days. Could it have anything to do with the fact that, during the past quarter century, America's private docs have become joined at the hip with the ones wearing white military uniforms, who are running the U.S. Public Health Service?

Vaccination has been used as an organizing tool by over-zealous public health officials to appropriate power during the past quarter century. And their zeal has gotten a whole lot worse since September 11, 2001.

Maybe that is why young congressional aides employed by the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee were told to get hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and influenza vaccines before deploying for combat at - - - the NASCAR in Concord, North Carolina and Talladega, Alabama!

Apparently "public health" advisors to the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee either consider visiting North Carolina and Alabama to be Third World hazardous duty or they think NASCAR fans are especially infectious. Either way, somebody had to think real hard about which vaccines to put on the congressional staffer's "must do" list before heading for the race track. Most of the vaccines selected were either in the "poor sanitation" (tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A) or risky "lifestyle" (hepatitis B) category.

The militarization of America's medical profession is a prescription for civil rights disaster. The next time you witness a doctor acting like a CIA operative or policeman, stifle the urge to either salute smartly or cower in the corner. Instead, publicize his or her bad behavior by writing an Op Ed in your local newspaper. And don't forget to blast it into cyberspace, where truth and freedom are alive and well.


"Thanks to guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics and supported by the commonwealth, doctors across Massachusetts are interrogating our kids about mom and dad's "bad" behavior. We used to be proud parents. Now, thanks to the AAP, we're "persons of interest." ....Of course doctors have a choice. They could choose, for example, to ask me about my drunken revels, and not my children. They could choose not to put my children in this terrible position. They could choose, even here in Massachusetts, to leave their politics out of the office. But the doctors aren't asking us parents. They're asking our kids. Worst of all, they're asking all kids about sexual abuse without any provocation or probable cause. The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared all parents guilty until proven innocent....." - Michael Graham, Boston Herald ( October 4, 2007)

"Getting a hepatitis shot is standard procedure for travelers to parts of Africa and Asia, but some congressional aides [of the House Homeland Security Committee] were instructed to get immunized before going to Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord and the racetrack in Talladega, Ala.....Staff who organized the trips advised the NASCAR-bound aides to get a range of vaccines before attending -- hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and influenza. Rep. Robin Hayes, a Republican from Concord, took umbrage when he heard about it. "I have never heard of immunizations for domestic travel, and as the representative for Concord, N.C., I feel compelled to ask why the heck the committee feels that immunizations are needed to travel to my hometown," Hayes said in an Oct. 5 letter to Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who chairs the Homeland Security panel. "I have been to numerous NASCAR races, and the folks who attend these events certainly do not pose any health hazard to congressional staffers or anyone else," Hayes added. Thompson said the immunizations are commonly recommended for people working in hospitals, holding centers and similar locations. "I am sure you would agree that providing immunizations to personnel involved in public safety is good public health policy, and there is no need to exclude staff from taking the preventative measures that the public health community recommends -- regardless of why and where mass gatherings are taking place," Thompson said in the letter." - Lisa Zagaroli, Charlotte Observer (October 11, 2007)


Anonymous said...

Ironically, maybe it is because your state has a high rate of parents that do not vaccinate there children, thus placing us all in harms way!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to read the actual statement or recommendation made by the AAP. Could you post that information?

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Anonymous said...

xfmbgfnbeing the ignoramus that i am...just stumbled on to mz fisher ..... kudos for her fight for more info and keeping drug companies on alert.... but i'm pretty sure all the head honchos of drug makers get their kids vaccinated...... but what if her son had died of tetanus(Which i have personally witnessed in India)....would she have been such a vocal critic of mandatory vaccinations.....

Anonymous said...

To the person that says "...your state has a high rate of parents that do not vaccinate their children, thus placing us all in harms way" - that comment has just proven that the author does not believe vaccines are effective. If your child is vaccinated, and you believe vaccines work on all children, then why would someone not vaccinating their child harm anyone but those that are unvaccinated? People should be allowed to make this decision for their children based upon family health considerations - not everyone reacts the same.

Jock Doubleday said...

Not to mention that vaccines don't work:

"Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination"

And here's my $220,000 offer to M.D.s to drink their own vaccine poisons:

No takers yet.

Jock Doubleday