UK Doctor Vaccine Scandal Exposed

"Up to 60 per cent MORE shots have been given to children than should have been. Some youngsters appear to have received THIRTY jabs — when they should have had just 13. Amazingly some children are shown as having nine jabs in a single DAY. Doctors are paid whopping bonuses of more than £10,000 if they hit high vaccination targets." - Jane Symons, The Sun (UK), November 8, 2006, National Jabs Scandal Exposed

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:
For years, medical doctors in Britain have been bribed with money bonuses by the government to achieve high vaccination rates in their practices. In the United States, state governments are bribed with money bonuses through CDC grants to achieve high vaccination rates in public schools. Britain doesn't have mandatory vaccination laws that doctors can use as leverage to force vaccination like in the U.S. but, apparently, some British doctors in search of more money from pushing vaccines have either over- vaccinated children or lied about the number of vaccines actually given.

Mass vaccination is big business. The dozens of doses of vaccines that public health doctors are now telling children (and adults) they MUST use has created a cash cow for pediatricians and drug companies, as well as for public health agencies being appropriated tax dollars to expand and implement mass vaccination programs.

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