Babies Die After MMR

In response to an article in the Daily Mail, United Kingdom, June 18, 2006
We won't allow MMR cover-up say parents of tragic toddlers

Every day that government health officials lie to the people about vaccine risks is one more day that the public loses a little more trust in what they are told by government. Do public health authorities and pediatricians really think that mothers and fathers are going to passively accept the brain damaging and killing of their children with unsafe vaccines? Do they really believe that the letters written after their names will protect them when the public knows the whole truth about what they have done to so many innocent children around the world?

Little 17 month old George Duncan and Anna Fisher died 10 days after their MMR vaccinations in Great Britain, both of them suffering symptoms of vaccine reactions prior to their deaths. MMR vaccine is known to induce brain inflammation and death within 8 to 14 days after vaccination.

The parents of both dead babies are demanding answers from British government health authorities, who have been persecuting Dr. Andrew Wakefield for his warning about the dangers of the live MMR vaccine. They and parents like them are standing up and coming forward to witness what has happened to their babies at the hands of pediatricians who told them that vaccines, including the MMR vaccine, are absolutely safe.

The vaccine deaths of these babies might have been prevented if George and Anna's parents had been given full and accurate information about MMR vaccine risk factors and pediatricians had erred on the side of caution rather than vaccinate at all costs. The rabid zeal to vaccinate, encouraged by government health officials, puts many vulnerable children at risk and the result is the brain damaging and killing of children like George and Anna.

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